So I’m seeing…

So I’m seeing this girl everyday. She is telling me to stop my medc and many more…

I’m so confused about all this. She knows how to convince people.

I do trust her…

She has a name as well (just don’t want to share it)

No don’t trust it… you should be the one convincing it

Is she a hallucination?

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Theres people out there like that. I get traumatic dreams too. I feel like past lives/parallel universes. I got so much crap no point in bringing it up. Just hustling now and moving forward in life – trying to. People suck even people you think were family at one time or another. Even fake christians. Probably think i talk to demons, low iq folks.

Ditch her, she’ll put you in the hospital or worse.

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Most likely she is

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You are responsible for you, regardless of whether or not you trust her.

Unless she is a doctor, I wouldn’t take medical advice from her.

And even if she was a doctor, she’s not YOUR doctor.

If you’re unsure, please have a conversation with your doctor about it. Tell them the things your friend said so they can respond.


Stopping your medication like that isn’t the best good idea, IMO.

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