Other realities and beings

Anyone else experience this stuff? I’m young and only recently been diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia.

other reality: i woke up a couple times in this other place, once next to a green lady with sharp fangs. I felt them and they felt real… entire experience felt real, and then it went blurry and I woke back up here

Another time I’ve been there they knew my name and one of them said “Dont worry, he doesn’t know how to get up yet” and I was paralysed. Then one of them picked me up and tossed my astral form (i guess? It looked pure red) out of my body into a closet lol
They did that because I “lied” about something. The good thing is i “woke up” back here shortly after that happened, because in the closet was dogs and they wanted me to fight them -_- like I said it was a punishment of some kind.

Just curious if anyone else experience stuff like this. Or sees green people sometimes, like me (they seem nice)
Or goes to another reality where you’re paralysed and can’t move sometimes


Hi @xiro and welcome to the forum. I’ve had weird sleep experiences when I was unmedicated but also when I was on a med called seroquel (that particular med just didn’t suit me).

Are you taking meds now?

I’m on a little bit of seroquel and shots of InVega sustana (about to start trensa).

This happened when I was taking a higher dose of seroquel so thats an odd coincidence.

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Yes I use seroquel and InVega.

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The best thing to do is feed it back to your doctor. Tell him you’re having weird experiences on the increased dose.

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