So I finally took action!

I contacted Viacom and told them that if they don’t stop talking about me on tv I am forced to sue. Lol I’m waiting on a response.

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Have You Heard"seen others on tv talking about You?

Yes I hear the ppl on tv talking about me every single day and I’m tired of it.

It’s a symptom of schizophrenia like when I think my neighbor is playing with my mind.


Ok but what about when i go out in public and ppl are talking about me and saying that I’m being talked about on tv. And they are watching me on camera, they are mean to me, and they are saying mean things to me. I want to believe this is schizo affective like the doctor said but Idk how this could be. My mind couldn’t be capable enough to play tricks like that.

Why is that “lol”?

Its funny to me because I could just be wasting my time and have an illness.

I’ve been on tv for over a year now. I am a cultural phenomenon. I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me. Or maybe I’m just on tv in Chicago.

I’ve been schizophrenic since 1980 when I was 19. My mind is more than capable of making me think weird things and making me think of a million things that just aren’t true.
Medication has helped me and now my mind is settled down a little and my delusions are not as extreme and disabling.


The mind can do amazing things. Unfortunately, it can also get things amazingly wrong when we’re psychotic.

You probably won’t get a response. It’s a well-known symptom of schizophrenia. I’m sure they receive several such threats a year. You also won’t find a lawyer who will take your case, because you’re not on TV and any sane lawyer can see that pretty quickly.


Dunno about others, but I take my antipsychotic every day, precisely to avoid being talked about on tv.

Oh but my life is boring anyway, even if I was on tv, nobody would watch.


TV gives hints and subtle hidden messages about me and what i think.

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They are just coincidences @Om_Sadasiva. Hence the “subtleness” you evoke. Your mind makes connections between uncorrelated infos. Ignore it. Stay calm.


I’m trying dude. But it seems like a conspiracy

I still have no response. :pensive:

You probably won’t get one. Not unless you continue to write them and get a letter from their lawyer.

I lived in Chicago area and never heard of you, so I’m positive you are experiencing symptoms like the others who have felt the same.

Ok can I ask you? Do you think it’s possible that someone can have a tiny hidden camera injected in their body monitoring their thoughts? @ZombieMombie

Absolutely not. There is no technology that advanced yet.

Well maybe I do have schizo affective disorder. This delusion just seems so real.

I believe the man I love and my children are trying to drive me to suicide when in the throes of a psychotic episode. It’s easy to believe a broken brain when meds aren’t working.