Pc gamers. Whatcha got

What game are you playing? Anyone have Star Wars Battlefront 2? I just started playing it. Its pretty cool.


I play CS GO and age of empires 3 and occasionally league of legends

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I was playing RDR2 on my PC before my controller stopped responding. :confused:

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I regressed in my activity because of my sz… I am afraid of new stuff too, like machines even etc… But i play some small games on my phone… One of them is Home Design, its cool for me heh :slight_smile:
My nephew suggests, that i invest in a Nintendo DS, maybe i’ll do it :smiley:
I had The Wii Nintendo before, but now i cant even play bigger games, idk why that…


Maybe, just maybe I give a shot to dragonflight… Otherwise waiting for Diablo 4.

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That’s a great game. I’ve beaten it like 6 times. I don’t think I can play it anymore

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I was thinking about getting a DS. I actually got an old school Gameboy that I play from time to time. I’ve been playing Pokemon Red.

League is a fun game. I suck at it.

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I’ve been thinking about dragonflight too. Have you played wrath classic?

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İ m not a gamer but i used to play starcraft 2 time to time.nowadays i just exercises bike for fun

Hubby and I have been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn. It’s really good. But it’s taking us forever to get through it, cause we only play for a couple of hours at a time, only play on weekends, and sometimes go weeks without playing.

What’s that game about?

I’m still stuffing around in Skyrim. I really need a new game and nothing has really appealed to me lately. I have some money left in my steam account but might just hang on and try Starfield when it comes out next year. Not sure how Bethesda will do space but I like Mass Effect so if it’s along those lines it could be good.

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It’s set in a post-apocalyptic tribal world. There is an outcast girl (character that you play as) who is trying to solve where she comes from, but also helping other people with their troubles, along the way. Like solving murders or hunting certain people down for information.

But the really unique thing about this game is that there are machines that rule the areas between tribal camps and cities. The machines vary from massive to horse-sized. The machines are based on real-world animal species, like deer and saber-tooth tigers. Different species have different behaviors and different abilities / ways of defending and attacking.

I hope that doesn’t give too much away.

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I play assetto corsa on a driving sim. Thats about the only game i have motivation to play lol

No, I played wrath vanilla back in the day…

No that is an awesome summary. I just googled it. I might download it off the pirate bay.

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I have not had the motivation to play games lately. If I turn my computer on I can play. But it takes a lot for me to turn my computer on


I used to play neopets when i was younger. There was fun games on it :grin:

I think I’ve heard of that. I can’t remember what it is though. I remember seeing commercials on Saturday morning cartoons

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