Snowfalls (Poem)

This is a poem by me,I hope you enjoy and understand the meaning, it is hard to figure out at first but I think it gets easier if you open your mind a bit :smiley: !


As Winter falls
Snowflakes begin to hit the ground faster and faster.
Joyful flakes of snow.
Shimmering with the vast ray of light.
Snow begins to melt.
All that is left are cold,clear blue droplets of water.
She is alone.
The snowflake is dead.
The cold air gently waves across her back.
The height of the jump was magnificent!
Grass turns into crumbling dirt.
Black long box of marble rests underground.


That was amazing! Did you write that recently? How are you doing today?

This is sad to me. Winter could be a person or you personified the season and snow, as “winter” falls, or kills herself. The most powerful metaphor I’ve read.

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Yes you’ve got the message,it’s about a person :slight_smile: @StarryNight I tried to make it harder to work out :3

A few months back,did you get the message of the poem I tried to make it deep so you have to really have an open mind to understand it :slight_smile: @JesseHaydnHyde

I do believe I understand it, but what I love about poetry is that it can be fully appreciated even when you can not be certain of the meaning.

You should post more of your writing. It was beautiful.

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