Smule is cool

I finally got around to using the Smule karaoke app and now am addicted to it…I used to sing in choirs but I mostly studied kinda boring classical stuff. I used to hate karoake because it sounded so cheesy but the tracks on smule are pretty good. I may sign up for a paid subscription but for now its free to sing duets with paid members.

I guess smule has like $200 million of investments and i think they already have pretty decent revenue. I like that their ads arent too distracting and you can even export your tracks for free to mp3s with a free app (at least on Android)

So far i have recorded like 18 tracks i think.


Sounds interesting and cool. I can’t sing to save myself but my sister can. I admire people who can hold a tune! Enjoy!


I’m using Smule too and I like it so much.

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I am a little self conscious about using the video feature because I have some TD blinking but people on the site are very understanding.

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