Smoking Bothering My Neighbours

I suppose I do smoke quite often…outside on my back porch.

A neighbour left a note in my mailbox asking me to stop smoking on my balcony. She says it’s wafting through into their windows.

Hmmm…at least it was a polite note. I guess I’ll try something else…not sure what to do though.

Any ideas?


Go downstairs/outside? Lots of people where I live just go outside the apartments to smoke. Lots of people also smoke on their balconies too though.

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Right now I’m walking out the front door, and going for little walks down the street.

But sure enough, some busybody will accuse me of peering in their windows I suppose.


You could drop off a polite note suggesting that they close their windows…and if that is not possible then they can start paying your rent.

Can’t please everybody.

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dip. personal air filter (smoke buddy, smoke trap).

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I’m of two minds on this one.

I mean, it WAS a polite note they left in my mailbox and they could have ratted me out to the Landlord.

But on the other hand I AM smoking outside, fcs!


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If it’s not too much of an issue, especially while it’s nice out, walking down the street for a minute to smoke is the polite option.

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At my old place our landlord did not permit us to smoke on the property so I had to go to the road as well. If you have similar rules in your lease you may have to go to the road. BTDT.

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I suggest you quit smoking. Smartest decision you could ever make in your life.

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Coffee and cigarettes…the Schizophrenic breakfast.


I mean, I suppose I could understand if i was smoking weed (which is legal in my country now)…but busting my balls because I’m smoking tobacco outside?? Sheesh!

I dunno, man.

I’m a schizo that doesn’t use either of those. It can be done. I get concerned about older people smoking. I think its okay when you are younger but I think people need to give it up as they age.

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As a former smoker, I didn’t realize how much smoke was going from my porch to inside my house. When I quit and smelled how bad my daughter’s room smelled, oh wow did I feel bad. Her window was off to the side but a lot of smoke got in, even closed.

Smoking smells awful and if it is getting in their house, it’s only right to find a way to quit or go further from the place.

Maybe you can vape instead? It takes a little getting used to, but unlike smoking you can do it inside and it smells nice, plus not as much coughing and gunk in your lungs.


Why not smoke under the kitchen ventilation with the fan on, I think its called hood range.

Or switch to vaping nicotine which is better if you can’t stop smoking.

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Yeah I used to have similar problems with neighbors back when I smoked cigs.

I really recommend vaping, like @ZombieMombie said.

You have to kind of wean yourself off the cigs. Now that I vape I never get any complaints about odors.

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The only thing I get is "what is that? It smells delicious "

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Haha!! Oh I bet. I get all kinds of tasty flavours. Right now I have an oatmeal cream cookie flavor in my tank. :blush:

I had a vanilla cream, but NY banned flavors. I can only get them if I go to PA.

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I just stick to menthol flaver and stay away from any sugary stuff. Makes the coil dirty and juice goes dark.