Mom and aunt doesn't like when i smoke in the bathroom

they are forcing me out on the balcony

But it’s getting cold and i kind of like the privacy of the bathroom. When i smoke on the balcony, i feel like my neigbors are looking at me(building right next to us)

Think getting a filter machine would be ideal for the bathroom?

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I used to smoke in the bathroom with the shower and fan running and towel under the door. Got caught a few times. Now I just vape and do it everywhere no worries!!!

When I smoked and started having to smoke outside I wasn’t happy about it. But after a while I enjoyed it more. Also smoked a little less to.

I got a little one…so we don’t smoke in the house or car…I do vape inside…it makes me smoke less too…

Sorry but filter machines don’t work well enough to satisfy non-smokers looking to avoid the smell.

Get a toilet paper roll put tissue in it and blow through it

I really don’t mean offense, but when you do something that is a health hazard and nauseous to those around you, you’re gonna be asked to go elsewhere. That’s a sacrifice you make to smoke.
I’m sorry that you enjoy smoking, and I know it’s really difficult to quit. My mom didn’t quit until she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, but it was way too late.