Smoke em if you got em: whats in your pack?

What brand of tobacco do you smoke?

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Golden Virginia if it’s tax free, John Players Gold Leaf if not. That tobacco is £4 cheaper than the rest which is why I smoke it. Doesn’t taste so bad either.

I quit 12 years ago but I use to smoke Paul Revere for many years then I changed to Peter Stuyvesant.

Pall Mall XL bold.

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I quit years ago but I used to smoke Marlboro lights.

Camel, Montana,

Parliaments, back when I smoked, up to $11 a pack now a days, vape now

I used to smoke Pall Mall Menthols. Then I switched to Kings Crush, and now I buy Red JPS when I decide to smoke instead of vape.

Ducal tobacco. I always buy 200 g of this tobacco. Every week. Suddenly no interest in vaping anymore.

amber leaf hand made rollies

Pall Mall or Marlboro. Lights.
I do realize smoking will harm my body if I keep this going.
I should try nicotine gum.

I used to smoke Newports. Or Black and Milds. I liked the pipe tobacco smell.

Marlboro Ultra Lights. But now they call them silver pack.

Smoker’s Pride pipe tobacco in flavors of rum or vanilla also I like Perique and Latakia. I’m a cigar smoker too from smooth to full bodied.


Marlboro red 100s

I used to always smoke Salem 100’s. I quit back in 2006. But, I did only puff on them. Never inhaled them.

Marlboro southern cut. Tasty

I used to smoke Camel cigarettes, but I quit smoking 10 years ago, after 2 years of smoking.

Golden virginia

Camel blues were my choice back in the day

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