Smells that remind u of psychotic times

Does anyone have this? First time psychotic I was wearing old spice pure sport every day (well I don’t remember that for sure). But now, I just put it on, and it smells like psychosis!!!


Lol this is funny but recently

I am in love with smells of detergents. I mean when I clean my kitchen and I smell the freakin chemicals and detergents Gif, Palmolive, Clorox and Mr clean. It is heaven :joy:


I used a certain shampoo and it had spilled and gotten all over my clothes so everything smelled like it. Now if i use that shampoo its bad memories. But worse is the specific smell of the wood in the dormitory i was living in during the episode that got me hospitalized. I dont go in there

I have this same love :joy: Also have a love for hand wash smells too :neutral_face:

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the smells of cigs bring back bad memories. my parents and brother smoke cigs quite a bit. I smelled everyday during my early psychosis and just before my first hospitalization and now it brings back bad memories of that time.

Yeah I get the same way, specifically with summer time actually. Since I always have episodes during the summer now whenever it’s summer it basically just feels like psychosis to me. Brings a lot of memories back. Some weird some just plain bad.

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Human excrement, bad hospital food, and harsh chemical cleaners. Smells of the psych ward.

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I guess I’m lucky that I don’t have any particular smells that remind me of my worst time lol

I have lots of smells that remind me of happy times though

My first 4 hospitalizations were in the summer so I could relate to these thoughts. although since ive only been hospitalized in the winter/early spring

Yeah most of the memories that come back for me are from my first major episode

dirty bong water

Weed, skunks, women…

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Well this is a bit of a downer but whenever I smell draino I remember how it tastes and why I drank it. Was because I was removed from reality.


I don’t know if this applies to anyone else, but my sweat and body odor changes when I’m decompensating. It’s like the paranoid thoughts amp up my adrenaline and then I smell different than I do when “normal”.

Antiseptic hand wash, a certain brand only. The ward had that “smell” that only a few times out have I ever smelled it again, kind of a damp moldy smell with pine sol tossed in.

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