Slipping back

Thinking of slipping back to my old ways of doing substances, need some leveling advice.
Also I am curious how many deal with and are a substance user

I quit everything, not really quit it just faded away, think it just complicates everything for us

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I used to drink and smoke weed to get through every day. Call it self-medicating, whatever. Now I don’t miss that lifestyle at all. If you’ve beaten that lifestyle, I wouldn’t advise going back to it. Like the others said, it causes a lot of extra problems for you. Keep taking your meds and moving forward with life. That would be my advice.

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Seek help. Substance abuse isnt going to help.

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Im a substance fiend. But now i try to stay sober. I think you need to think what is the reason you want to use drugs… then think will the drugs actually do good or will they make things harder. What is it you actually want. Surely not to be a substance abuser. not sure what substance youre thinking to do so its a bit hard to give advise… i like eating magic mushrooms and DMT. . . I like getting really drunk also. . ive been a daily pot smoker a few times to . I feel it just makes you forget what you really want to achieve, turns you into nothing but a drug user…

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