Slang thread please add more

cigs = squares
shopping cart = buggy = omish horse drawn cart
heat = cops or gun
hose pipe = out door faucet
fish lipping…
sott = alcoholic
folded = feeling too good
that ■■■■ is for the birds= this is some bullshnit
godamn ■■■■ the bed = holy crap!!
cracklin = fried pig skins
crackin = sex
yankee = northerner
hippie = people from cali lol
zombie = meth head sadly this is a problem locally…

will add more as I think of them but please add your regions slang


I know arse = ass
bin = trash can
lorry = police car?
wanker = assholedick
■■■■= stuff here but I know else where it means poop… so a box full of sh it here could mean anything but other places it would mean a box of poop lol

lift= elevator
Nazi = bossy and demanding
wood = pot here
box= cars with wheels too large for it


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I think that lorry is a truck.


yea that’s right a bobby is a cop right?

Yeah it is :slight_smile:
I’m from the States

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Ya’ll = You all
Where ya at? = Where are you?
How’s your mom an 'em?
ain’t = is not

I can’t think of more though. It is late for me.


me too… most foreign slang I know is from movies lol

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low rider=low car
fridge=ice box
warm=looking at a person
covers=bed sheet and blanket
cruiser=bicycle or motorcycle to ride up ocean boulevard
bucket= helmet
punch it nail it floor it =gas pedal to floorboard
hot =angry
plastic=credit card
flippers= swim fins
a card= a humorous person
a fork in the road
fiddle= violin
better half= wife
curtain climbers=children

lit = good

Ok, that’s the only one I can think of that hasn’t already been mentioned, other than the dirty ones lol.

You might enjoy this book.,ss:44&tbm=shop&prmd=sinv&srpd=18020772227861643782&prds=epd:6339635230807003577,cdl:1,cid:5930856451901577589&ved=0ahUKEwis4q_124zUAhUIjFQKHRx_Bw4QgTYIyQQ

The weed entry has like half a page of slang words. It’s quite funny to read.

From memory…

Marijuana: endo, skunk, weed, grass, pot, twomp (20 dollars worth of), fire, mex (of lower quality), bammer, devil’s grass, hippie grass, chronic (sativa) and the list goes on

staycation=taking a vacation without going anywhere
whale=wealthy guy at a casino
tell=body language that lets someone know what you’re thinking
throwing shade=expressing a negative attitude about someone
read=telling someone about themselves in a negative way
benjamin=$100 bill
make it rain=throwing money in rapid succession at a stripper


“Ripped” When I was 17 in 1978 this meant “very stoned”. As in, “Man, I’m ripped” or “Yeah, we got ripped last night”.

I was over my sisters house long ago in the nineties with my 19 year old nephew looking over old photos. I used to work out with weights in my teens almost daily and got stoned almost every day… As a matter of fact me and my friend worked out while we were stoned often. Anyways, my nephew found an old photo of me in high school wearing a tight t-shirt. My nephew exclaimed, “Man, you were ripped”. I was surprised and a little flustered and I said, “How did you know that”?

Well, it turns out that in the nineties, “ripped” meant muscular from working out with weights.
I told my nephew why I looked so surprised and we had a good laugh about it and he learned two things that day that he didn’t know before… # 1 He learned a piece of 70’s slang and #2 He learned that his responsible, hard-working, law abiding uncle–was not always that way…


I had a video game buddy named shorty… id go to her work and hustle people in pool… id play 5 bucks a ball and let them win by a 1 or 2 balls… second game 10 bucks a ball but I got to break… id pick my drink up in my left hand and shoot one handed with the right… break and sink all my balls the 8 and then sink all his balls… and never put my cola down… anyway … I just got my insurance pay out… and she had a creeper she asked me to get away from her…so I made it rain 4 grand in 5s… she gave it all back at the end of the night… and then I payed for the rest of her time so we could shoot pool lol… only time I made it rain ever… but it was false lol… the creeper had been stalking her…and her bf worked nights so they asked me to non violently get dude to leave her alone… creeper got upset but was waiting for her in the parking lot… so I left my car and drove hers went to waffle house and he followed so we got the cops turns out he was wanted for kidnapping and other crimes in your area… fled the to northern bama and he was targeting my video gaming buddy… her bf thanked me more times than id ever been thanked was nice… sorry that turned into dam story time…

what I was trying to get at is some of your slang is poker player slang… mayhaps we find an online free one and get a sz poker game going… for funs only of course I don’t gamble anymore…


hahaha that’s a great story… thank you for sharing…


Bees d ick = 1 millimetre
Changing your ringtone = anal bleaching
Wombat = someone who has a few one night stands because a wombat eats roots and leaves
Fair dinkum = genuine
Describing something is like a bull in a china shop = a catastrophe
Going off like a frog in a sock = really good/energetic
Going off like a cut snake = energetic

I’ll think of more, hang on = cigarette
can i bum a ■■■? = can i have a cigarette?

Feeding the chooks = male masturbation
Flicking the bean = female masturbation
Durry = cigarette
Shi.t hot = really good