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Here is a Link That Arises The Questions About Where to Find The Truth in a Digital Age of Propaganda And Uses Upon The Innocent to Acquire Endless Parades of Dollars, Cents, Dollars And Cents, And More Dollars And Cents… . … :blue_heart:


A Look at Facebook, Twitter, Google, And a Few Other’s.

How Do You Define The Word ‘Lie’ Without The Word ‘Truth’ (???)…,

How Does One Escape The Pathe Created (by) Those Holding All of The Information (???)…,

If The First is Walking With a Candle of Lies,

Then The Rest Who Follow Are Going The Wrong Way as Well One Could Say…,

Where is The Truth (???)…,

What is Truth (???)…,

And Why is Truth Important (???)… . … :green_heart:

I Have Been Diagnosed With Schizoaffective Disorder…,

And Thus is Important to Me…,

Let Us Band Together, And Find The Truth That Can Set Us Free… . … :purple_heart:

  • Truth~ ‘The Quality of State of Being True’.

  • True~ ‘In Accordance With Fact or Reality’.

  • Fact~ ‘A Thing That is Known or Proved to Be True’.

Now With All of That in Mind…,

Ask Yrself Thus…,

What is a Fact (???)…,

What is Reality (???)…,

If You Are Swimming in a River With Fellow Human Beings, And Some Man Eating Creatures Swim to Eat Everyone in The Current, And Everyone But You Gets Picked as a New Exclusive Tasty Lunch.

Fact is, You Won’t Feel Any Pain…,

Fact is Also, That Everyone Else Will…,

So. One Could Say The Reality, At Least Your Reality, is That Pain Doesn’t Exist…,

But The Lunchtime Snacks Would Disagree…,

Wholeheartedly I Would Assume…,

So The Question Arrives Once Again…,

What is Truth (???)…,

Is it a Lie That Pain Doesn’t Exist (???)…,

Or is That Jus Your indifference Speaking…,

I Mean The River is Quite Warm on Such a Beautifully Sunny Summer Day… . … :blue_heart:

Truth Exercise #0.0.1)

1.0)- If The Sky Appears Blue to You. What Colour is it Actually?.

A)~ :green_heart: (?)
B)~ :purple_heart: (?)
C)~ :orange_heart: (?)


I’ve found truth online to be a flexible and personal experience.

Thanx For Your Participation to The Thread I Have Created…,

Your Post Was Insightful, Inspiring, And Filled to The Brim With Exotic Wonder (!!!)… . … :slight_smile:

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haha. Fair cop. Love your work> Keep on keeping on!

On The Subject of Law Enforcement…,

Advice if You Ever Find Yrself Speaking With a Police Officer…,

Slow Down.



Breathe a Sigh of Relief For You Are in Good Hands…,

Listen to The “commands” And Follow With Short Steps, Understanding They Deal With Some of The Worst Living Beings on The Planet Daily…,

So Jus Take it Easy…,

Thanx @roguetwo, For Bringing That Subject Up…,

Better Safe Than Sorry as ARCADE FIRE Would Say (!!!)… . … :slight_smile:

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Here Are Some Puzzles That May Stimulate Your Clarity Upon Peering Through The Lens of Internal Confusion And Static…,

With The Intent to Conjure a New Sense of Focus…,


Good Luck (!!!)… . … :blue_heart:

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