Sinead O’Connor Sad

Such a big fan of Sinead, after her sons death, she is checked in hospital. I’m worried for her safety. I don’t think she can get past this. Love her. Grew up with her music.


Yes I heard of this news. Very sad. I hope she will be ok.


Yes heard this too.
Was a big fan of hers.

It is sad.
Hope she’ll be ok.

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I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant…but it’s not the same without you. I love that :musical_note: song.

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I shed some tears when I read this online, two times.

He reminds me of my youngest brother when we were younger.

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Me too. She speaks so beautifully about her son. article on his funeral was heart wrenching.

Sorry for a downer topic. I do think she is an advocate for mental health. Also just a hero to me.


was he bullied by others?

@san_pedro I don’t know. I think he escaped suicide watch while in hospital. =/

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I tried to kill myself before, I can relate to his suicide

big time

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