Since I have been smoking tobacco the meds have been knocking my flat

Like sedation knocking me on my ass. Is not a big problem more of an observation

I switched to vape. Maybe I already said it lol

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Aw no. You’re back smoking again :frowning:

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I honestly don’t know what the difference is between smoking tobacco and vaping chemicals.
They are both bad for your health.

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Studies show vaping is a lot healthier than smoking. The government of UK are supporting vaping to help smokers stop smoking. But of course nothing is better, no smoking and no vaping.

I was coughing, getting headaches, dizzy, shortness of breath when smoking. Now I don’t have these with vaping.

Unfortunately I don’t trust these studies.


I feel much healthier since switching to vaping, also its not just studies, its Health England the government and health system who support these studies.

I just gone back on the rollups, wish i hadnt, coughing and aggravating my acid reflux. it was either drink or smoke - cos im in an offish bad mood lol.