Since I can't do or say anything right

As we have discussed elsewhere, I get all that. (I suffer from paranoid delusions I have to stay on top of with the help of CBT/MBCT techniques plus medication.) I do hope, however that alien99 will answer the question for him/herself.

Roger that. I do appreciate your insight and hope you will keep sharing it. Just please be patient if it takes me a while (and a few thumps with the Clue Bat) to get the hint.



hey dude , answer me a question ‘what’s your professional job’. im not sure what you do. Are you presently working.

And likewise here.

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There are reasons I can’t go into for keeping mum about the particulars, but I will say this much (because I just did on another thread): “Ten years of post-graduate education.” In no small part because I am bipolar and relentlessly obsessive. (And I could get the funding.)

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@notmoses and here’s the rub. You tend to give very articulate , specific , and behavioural changing advice that is represented in a clinical fashion so whats your bona fides?

I see @notmoses as a benign, intelligent member of these forums with a modicum of mainly theoretical knowledge .
He mentions experience of being “on the other side of the nursing station counter” it would be good to know if he is still working in the capacity of a mental health professional and if so what his job/role specifically is.
It would also help if he learnt to adjust his language usage to his audience .

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I had no idea lol

I do like your posts though…

I might have a similar ish ATM alien99

I thought my hallucinations would never end…I hallucinated on Geodon quite obv on Seroquel because it gave me seizures …

There is a link between bipolar and epilepsy so I think that’s what it was sum neurological prefrontal epileptic episodes which were triggered by like heat stress and insomnia and cured thru anti epileptic drugs…because I was lucid I just couldn’t control it I had nightly attacks of sleep paralysis that I thought was a demon I fought it back and won. I’m like screw you and I’ll summon Angels and I’ll whip ur ass but it was funny he attacked me I’m like no not this time I was in a “sleep” state I learned astral self defense and it worked best tbh better than anything else is self defense self growth and protection of your personal space. I knew this ghoul had to have sum source of his power so I threatened his only daughter who was pure and I said I would make sure to kill her in revenge for this then I grew like claws and scratched the f out of him I saw him for the first time he looked like an old drunk drug abuser who could’ve had some karmic link and was sitting on my bed …

It never happened again I must’ve shown him not to mess with me…I suspect evil always tried to ruin things

This is supposed to be a SUPPORT forum for people with, or caregivers/family of, people with schizophrenia/those with a psychotic disorder, etc etc. Not a place for some professional to swoop in and espouse all kinds of professional mumbo-jumbo. Quite honestly, I believe a lot of the so called therapies notmoses goes on about (ABCDEFG Behavioral Therapy blah blah blah) are half-cocked ideas that psych students develop.

It takes a crap tonne of googling to keep up with him, but from what I gather, the stuff he’s talking about is legit and is the direction that practical psychiatry and psychology are heading in. Namely, carpet bombing with meds at the outset, and then minimal required, targeted medication combined with selective therapy tailored to individual needs as resources permit.

The info he provides and the manner he provides it in is consistent enough that I am of the opinion he’s probably the real deal (upwards of 99% certainty on my part). No I can’t back that up, but that’s my gut and my pattern recognition skills talking.

As to proof of who he is and credentials, I’d rather he not be pressured into divulging a real-world identity here. The stuff you post in these forums can be used against you professionally and personally if they can be tied back to your real world identity, which is exactly what happened here some years back.

Exercise. Caution. At. All. Times.

Finally, if you don’t like someone, just ignore their posts!


Yo no one knows my identity, do they? I’m gonna end up like @notmoses and be in graduate school in counseling or clinical, I have videos of me on here powerlifting, I can have those removed I guess.

Rumpelstiltskin, is that you?


Still with us @anon40540444??
Hope you can get out of that trap and escape, at least for a few minutes a day…I sympathize with you, it’s a lot of pressure to be stuck under a roof without your favorite things.

Hope you don’t blow a fuse before you can escape.
Avoid the expensive china and grab the cheap dishes instead to slam into a wall, might help?

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That would be easier if there was the option to “ignore” a poster as most forums have. It’s kind of hard when he’s such a prolific responder to threads.

Re credentials - If he said I have X job/role without revealing his proper name that would be enough for me.
I do think his heart is in the right place and he’s fairly knowledgeable about mental health issues but I can understand people’s wariness,
I do wish he would switch off occasionally from the " text book " speak and engage more as a person with lived experience. The forum should be more than a vehicle for regurgitating a certain technical knowledge of mental illness.


@anon40540444 , I’m in a similar situation living with my wife’s parents. I get watched at all times, scrutinized while playing with my son(mother in law always, always must come check on us to make sure everything is ok–but never says anything, just coming into wherever we may be and surveying the situation for a few minutes and then just as suddenly walks out), made to feel as if I’m doing something incorrectly(“oh well I do it this way” type of speak), straight up ignored if I reply to a question held to the entire household(them:“has anyone seen my glasses?” Me:“they are right here.” Them: “anyone?”), amongst other things like having a set bed time of no later than 10pm, not being able to leave the house after they get home from work…

I feel ya on the trying not to explode. I have exploded before, and only now have I been allowed to live here with my wife and son again. It was rough being without them, my son is the only thing that makes me feel normal. At least I have that. But I feel for you man, it’s tough living with other people.
Good luck to you.


I dont want the guy’s name or address. all I want to know is what is his professional job and is he presently working. I know what you do , you have an idea of my background , I have an idea of szadmins and barby’s background. I dont want anything like that detail. whats the big secret?

if he is s grad student or doing a conversion course or looking for funding to to do a phd or masters fine , im not trying to discourage @notmoses by the way.

I think that his level of interaction with the site , demands a little more than he is currently revealing in terms of his professional situation. it should be no big deal.

This whole situation is triggering my paranoia - thats all Im going to say about it.

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I’ve got a feeling that his circumstances are unique enough that even posting that much would make it a snap to identify him. Also, I’m a privacy nut. Also, this:

@Meteor, I know how rare it is for people with Sz to function at yours and my levels. MIs who function at @notmoses level and with his education/experience are an order of magnitude rarer.

I’m probably being overly cautious, but I still think that’s the best policy.


All right , I can’t help but think this is going to be a running sore though. I hope this guy can, in the future, provide a bit more detail on his professional situation.

He also has some troubling views especially regarding the ‘schizophrenic’ mother.