Silly me. lack of insight, going to be a renter in the future

here i was thinking i would own my house in a couple years, but last night before bed the thought occured to me that i can’t afford to be a homeowner. yes i can afford property taxes, and utilities, but if i have to replace the furnace, or air conditioner or something else, i would be screwed and have no way to pay for it. so i think im going to look back into subsidized apartments in my hometown. talked to dad about it today, and he said i could afford to be a homeowner if i went back to work, but that doesn’t sound too appealing to me.

i don’t know why the thought never crossed my mind sooner, so im a little bummed, had a lot of plans for the place, but im going to choose the simple life, where if something goes wrong, i just have to contact the landlord.


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