Should I write an essay about

Forced psychiatric treatment or abortion?

Sure. Absolutely. But don’t write anything highly controversial and then post it on this site. It will probably be deleted. Try using tact in what you write. Write like you are trying to convince someone with different views than you.

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I won’t post it here lol


All of the people who write about forced psychiatric treatment inadvertently wind up validating why they needed the forced psychiatric treatment in their work. It’s an amusing paradox.

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What do you mean



@Crystal-Cotton, you should just write about abortion if those are your only two options.

I think writing about forced treatment will be unhealthy for you.

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You could sort of combine both. For example, under which circumstances, if any, are pregnant women experiencing ongoing psychosis allowed to abort?

Why would it be unhealthy?

One thing you might write about is how many commitments that are classified “voluntary” are not voluntary at all, because when a person is being processed into a ward they are so caught up in the process that they aren’t aware that they have options. In Oklahoma a person can ask for a jury of six people to determine if they are going to be committed or not. I’ve tried that several times, with poor results. It’s impossible to prepare for a trial on such short notice. Basically, there is no such thing as a “voluntary commitment”. I’m not saying that is good or bad. It’s just the way things are. It might be a good issue to write about.

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Because you’re obsessed with the subject.

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Forced psychiatric treatment would be good. Niuvanniemen potilaista you could get good case studies.

Good idea. :slight_smile:

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