Should I try CBD?

I heard it may help with anxiety and such
I wish I could change to CBD instead of Abilify but it’d be expensive and not necessarily even work for me as an AP

I think you have to be 18 to buy CBD products. At least here in the States (I’m not sure where you’re from)

Not here in Finland.

I use CBD, but I’m hesitant to suggest it to a minor. Definitely DO NOT replace your AP for CBD – CBD is more of a prn for anxiety.

I see, thank you

if you have a pdoc, ask them about it before you buy some, for sure. But CBD works for my anxiety – everyone is different though.

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Cbd works for anxiety in some people. It can’t currently be used as a replacement for an AP. It has been studied as an antipsychotic in doses of 1 gram per day, but that is prohibitively expensive to most people.

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CBD is still illegal in Belgium. You have to drive to Holland to go and get it.

Its illegal in many countries also depending on narcotics can make your situation worse as you already have delusions and mood issues. Many people start bad habits like smoking, alcohol, drugs in teen years especially who have mental issues so not follow their path and end in worse situation.

CBD does not get you high, it’s worth a try. It has helped me and many with pain and with anxiety. I wouldn’t suggest supplementing anything with your ap has also really helped me personally with nightmares but everyone is different.

I tried CBD, I felt it had a calming effect, but it’s not a substitute for AP’s. However taking it as a extra supplement together with AP’s might be beneficial. It should have little to none side effects.

However I wouldn’t take it at the same time. If you take your Ap in the evening, I would take CBD earlier in the day to minimize possible interactions.

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What about if your AP is a shot?

Where did I say I have mood issues

I have no experience with shots. I suppose you can try it and see how it goes. If you feel it helps you good. If you feel something unpleasant that could be a interaction you should stop and see if it passes.

I’ve had good results from CBD. Certainly not an AP replacement but I sleep better with that than my sleep meds.


I’m gonna try CBD.