Should i leave them outside?

so i’m buying fruits now. wow. a lot of decisions and responsibility. one decision involves whether to leave them on the kitchen counter or put them elsewhere.


I keep mine in the fridge, but I buy my fruit in smoothie form so they don’t go off as quickly!

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Could u Send me a bag of mango…

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To many bugs outside, fridge is better

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Fridge is much better to keep the fruits.

I keep my fruit in the fridge but on a top shelf in the fridge so the fruit is real obvious and easy to see when I open the fridge door. If I can see it, I’m more likely to eat it.

Depending on the fruit?

I leave avocados and bananas and pineapple on the kitchen counter in a basket.
The rest I put in the fridge.

Otherwise you’d get fruit flies. Make sure there is fresh air and ripe bananas bring fruit flies.

I also leave potatoes and onions outside. Garlic can go in the fridge.