Should I keep the funko pop boxes

I collect them but I also for myself is it worth keeping boxes?

I you’ve already taken them out of the box, it doesn’t matter if you keep the box or not. Collectibles are worth more when they’ve never been removed from the box. That’s the only way the box matters.


Really? But none of the boxes have a seal so that’s weird.

Serious collectors can tell by looking at the figure whether it’s been removed from the box or not.

Are you a collector @ninjastar?

Well I have removed most of mine but I always put them back so they still look new … But I’m thinking to throw them in that case cos probably a waste of space

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No, but I have friends who are.

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This might be worth reading to you.

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Nice article. None of my pops are chase editions so doubt theyd go high in price. I might just put all boxes in the shed.

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