Should i accept that i'll be forever like this?

Hey, hi! I am still on the forum but sometimes I try to less complain in fact…
So whats up with you people, did I miss you? :smiley:
For me, its been a week that I am on lithium. Theres nothing good for the moment tbh. I feel dumb right now, I am not sure if it will get better with time, we should see…
Idk why I am like this since years. is my illness so severe or its me who is dumb, idk… All my ill friends recover soon or late from their episodes while I am stuck here since years. My mom is pissed by me a bit, she starts to hate my negativity and she says that she wants from me to become more independent but I am very paranoid also. Plus, I fight a bit for my happiness, I often still need a break from her too lol…
Because I couldn’t prove her the opposite for all these years, my mom doesn’t believe anymore for a happiness for me. sometimes, when I push her, she says that ill be forever alone, without a job or friends wow… But like I said, its when I push her to her limits I guess, some kind of quiet war between us of whom I am not proud of course and I wish to change on that too.
But should I accept this kind of faith for the future? To always live this lonely live with few going outs, without a job etc or there is hope?

Good luck with lithium Anna1. I hope it has some effect.

There is always hope.

I think that you need to find a balance between, on the one hand trying to push yourself to a certain degree,
trying to make efforts to do more and achieve goals,
and on the other hand not setting the bar too high and setting unrealistic goals.
Set small, modest, realistic goals and try to improve your health.


Thank you guys :grinning:. But this night i doubt about the lithium. I am not sure that it would be the med that will save me…
Chess,dear, love ya! :grinning: the problem is that i fighted till my twenties but i was very ill despite my efforts. I am not sure that the efforts will pull us out from the illness… did you stop your meds btw? If you can do it without them its good…

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You’re full of good advice @Chess24 :slight_smile:


@Anna1 I would think there is always hope and it’s good you’re trying different meds to see which ones are best for you. Sorry your mom is negative due to the past. Maybe with time you’ll both get to feeling more positive but breaks sound like a good idea for the time being. I think the idea of mini goals is a good one, mini outings, hobbies. Maybe you’d like some positive thinking books or cd’s or listening to or watching some inspirational stories to help get you out of this rut? I always enjoy your posts they are very social.