Should akathisia be considered a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

i’m not sure if akathisia has to always because by meds, but i know it often or usually is. but if it was, are side effects from meds ever considered negative schizo symptoms more generally?

if the disease wasn’t due to meds, i think it might depend on if it’s a unique disorder, or if it can sometimes be caused by schizophrenia.

i also dont know if akathisia is considered a type of anxiety or is separate. i think it’s generally considered separate. if separate, then that would indicate it’s not a negative symptom.

my guess is that id it’s caused by meds, it’s not a negative symptom but a side effect. and id say akathisia could be caused by schizophrenia or it could be considered a separate disease, which depends on how it forms, if not caused by meds.

so many questions that i dont know the proper answer to.

Akathisia is a movement disorder, its not anxiety.
Its caused by meds side effects or by untreated sz and Parkinson’s:

Antipsychotics, particularly the first generation antipsychotics, are a leading cause. Other causes may include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, metoclopramide, reserpine, Parkinson’s disease, and untreated schizophrenia.”

I have had it once before really bad, and I have it currently but the Parkinson’s meds they have put me on has removed some of the unsettling things about it.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a symptom and not a side effect.

Be interested to look at the research into it, but I think off the top of my head there probably isn’t much useful information that proves or disproves much of any of it all

Akathisia is a side effect of AP meds.

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That is a good question. Even before Thorazine there were many things that were reported that patients had. I’m not sure about akithesia but I suspect it may have been but you’d have to find some old clinical accounts of patients and whether the symptoms/behavior was present.

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