Shoe and boot ideas



Gorgeous shoes.

Which shoes are also nice?


at one point I had a pair like that only no zipper, they actually laced up, oh and the sole were black. I like the brown soles though, they are so cute. Are you getting them?


I saw them on facebook on a suggested person so I have no clue where theyre from. Wow yours sound nicer than mine. The zip’s not that great looking.

If I see them around I may do :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Actually the zip looks fine lol. But yea still with no zip sounds good too


I never did understand why they put the zipper in and the laces, I like boots with just laces better, but they aren’t always easy to find. I guess they think you lace them once then use the zipper to get them off and on. But it’s dumb cus you always have to tighten the laces anyway. Who designs these boots anyway jeeze lol


or just zippers is fine too


Yea probs right.


For some reason i’m always noticing what kind of shoes people are wearing. I spend a lot of time looking at people’s feet.


Daze current boots.


Buy this image


I’m not into that stuff ::((((’


Your problem! This is forum so I am allow to post my opinion


I know I know. I’m just saying :slight_smile:


I thought you were leaving the forum.


I am why you disturb me on my leave


I’m just surprised to see you back on the forum after you made such a big deal of leaving.


I am leaving in stealth mode so nobody will notice how I disappear


Dude you make me laugh :joy:


If boots have heals then walking dead would be schizophrenia


This thread cracks me up