Shocking Photos Of Indonesia’s Mentally Ill Patients Show Their Disturbing Living Conditions

I count my blessings, we’re lucky. These photos haunt me. Is there anything we can do to help them?


That is shocking… Horrifying… They didn’t do anything to deserve that. Wish I knew a way to help.

Wow. Made me think of descriptions of Bedlam hospital in medieval England. I know people are sick and cruel towards that which they don’t understand, but in this day and age I feel like there’s no excuse for keeping people in conditions like this.

Makes me feel greatful I grew up in a real country. And sad that the rest of the world isn’t like America.

I can’t even begin to start an argument with you about this, but american patriotism annoys the crap out of me.


Is there some type of human rights organization we can contact about this? Amnesty International might take an interest, but I think they’re more geared for political issues.

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In Somalia, they sometimes put the mentally ill in a room with a hyena.

Just Awful!

Makes me want to Cry!

It’s hard to believe but the Mentally Ill were living like this everywhere just decades ago.

Absolutely - we’re all lucky at some level.

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I don’t think so. They really need to help their own. Their economy is doing relatively well (hasn’t always but has gotten better), enough so that they have a military and some beautiful modern cities. I had to look it up to be sure, but only 11% of their population is living below the poverty line. I’m not saying they are doing fantastic but compared to many other countries they are sure as hell doing well enough to not leave mentally ill people shackled up naked in cages. That is a cultural-spiritual sickness that they need to work on their own.

What annoys me more honestly as a U.S. citizen is how we often feel pressured to solve everyone else’s problems. Then if we try, we’re considered tyrannical if we make any mistakes, and imperialistic if we demand a sense of order while we’re helping out. If we do help out considerably, especially compared to most other countries that don’t help at all in various situations, we’re not allowed to feel good about that or we’re just arrogant idiots. I am rather sick of it all TBH so I think Indonesia needs to sort out their own problems.

invadind countries and destroying countries is not helping out.