Shite test

Has anybody had a stool test done? Like in the doctors office. My dad sez i need one :disappointed:

Once a year. They usually give you a little sample container. You produce the , er, “sample” at home, dip the little stick that is in the lid of the container in yer poop. and then seal it into the container. Put into plastic baggie provided and drop it at the lab.


My friend had it done and they gave him a little paper bag so no one will see anything when you drop it off.


Do i try and shitee in the bag or? Wont it get contaminated in the toilet water?

It will come with comprehensive instructions on how to obtain a sample. No worries, you’ll find it’s not as bad as you’ve made it in your mind.

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They’ll give you something to put it in. Then put it in a bag for privacy and turn it in. You can request a “hat” to poop into and then get the sample from the hat. It won’t go into the toilet water that way


Wont they get confused if i ask them for a hat to shite in? Do you know what the 'hat’isvcalled?

Yes. It’s called a hat. They’ll know what you’re talking about


They’ll just tell you to tuck a flyer or newspaper under the toilet seat and to plotz on it. Then dip the sample stick in the top of the plotz. Just don’t pee at the same time you plotz. Urinate first if needed.

Never thought I’d discuss this here! Especially with a pimple on ma booty.



when i used to go to the vet with my dog if a dog pooped inside the vet would take the poop for testing lol i thought it was kinda weird but it seemed like it was normal business

My shitees are huge, (no offense) i doubt the newspapaer would hold. Maybe a square lunchbox would do, then again it would probably tip over once the shitee hits it

That is admittedly rather impressive.

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Should i just shite on a newspaper on the floor?

No. You just need a hat. You can poop into a hat. The seat will keep the hat in place. You don’t need to poop on newspapers on the floor


Oh! You put the hat thing in the toilet! Duh! Il ask them for the hat so. Hope your not playing a joke on me are you?

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I tried asking for one…


Dude, you’re a grown man,

You know how to do a stool sample.

Stop trolling everybody.

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I have learning difficulties.

Lol this made me laugh hard, sorry.

I think you understand this isn’t the place to be talking about your massive shits.

They satisfied your question about the test.