Sheri these are even the closest people to you not the website the media the radio or the government

Phil says shutting my phone off you’re ridiculous bull-■■■■

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Any day now doing cartwheels all day proving an existence they can all approve of then maybe my daughter will come back around and Phil won’t turn his phone off

@Daze you scare the hell out of me !! please stop drinking and find peace with a therapist.

Sheri that’s all you deserve. That response.

What you think your suffering matters.

Not even into heaven Sheri

Sheri, I’m sorry you’re having such a rough time right now. Try to remember all the reasons you have to stay healthy. You have two kids who love you, and need you around. You have an adorable little dog. You are a really strong person who has managed to overcome terrible odds her whole life, and you can do it again this time.


Nice try Sheri trying to block it all out.

It’s not going anywhere.

Nobody anywhere will solve it.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any way to solve it. It’s pain, and you just have to keep living with it until it goes away. It always does, eventually. The important thing is to keep fighting anyways, because things will always get better. And then they’ll get worse again, and then better. Life is a never-ending roller coaster, but the good parts make it worth it.


Phil has no response Sheri he’s in his own world too.

Nobody can break into another.

If we could we’d be outer body like crazy shifting

See people understand the fallout and lacking of other people so they go on programs or might drink every day to make up for human negligence

But that’s how they get their power, keeping the distance, then when they want you, they know you’re hungry for love.
It’s one of the cruelest mind games in a controlling person’s bag.

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