Share your social anxiety symptoms

social anxiety dsiorder or fear of interacting with people and be in social situations is a negative symptom of schizo n pychosis., do you feel nervous around people,do y have difficulty in smiling(flat affect) conversing normaly,enjoy in social gatherings? anxious around strangers ,or constantly think about what others think about us or how they judge us> i have many of these symptoms …what are your symptoms of social anxiety if you have it …please SHARE

I only get anxious in social events if there is a lot of snotty folks to fluff and fold.
Otherwise, I tend to jump right in and say hello to folks.

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I can suffer immensely in social settings or situations.

I avoid people.
I was living alone but recently moved in with my bf and he has friends n family that visit almost every day.
I was used to having no visitors n always being alone in bed by seven pm etc

I tried working as aged care worker but the socialising was tormenting me.
It was painful.

My body tense n hysterical and I don’t always feel like myself.
I usually go mute.
Other symptoms too.

Sometimes I can not function properly.

I rather sit on bed have my space n do my own thing.

I manage pretty well though I think.
I can do my own shopping n washing n clean etc
I manage hygiene etc.

If I am forsed To situations it can bring on psychosis in me which some may want.

I ha e always had social difficulties.
Been bullied, hated, disliked etc

I’m outgoing spirit but my person does not act or come across that way.

I get very confused, and therefor anxious, trying to follow social banter where 3 or 4 or more people are speaking at once. I can’t even decide who to look at, I’d have to look at someone different every 2 seconds.

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I have severe social anxiety that runs the gamut of symptoms. I think the most difficult ones are paranoia and dread of others, fear of eye contact, and a hard time smiling and expressing spontaneous emotion.

What does flat affect “feel” like to everyone else?

I am uncomfortable with a lot of people around me, I get confused when a lot of people talk at once. When i am at a function i tend to retreat to a quiet room or look at the people’s book collection. I am terrified of making phone calls. I used to get a lot of panic attacks in crowds but its improved since my mid-twenties. Before I had a severe phobia to eat out. Its better now though, but I still dislike eating at restaurants.

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I also have had paranoia against family and everyone.

Other things too.

Also confusion, disorientation, feeling overwhelmed etc

One of the worst aspects for me is my intense hatred of being stared at… That stops me from going on walks, especially if I’d have to cross a street and cars might have to stop or slow down for me. The people in the car would look at me. Other people walking would look at me, and people in their yards or looking out their windows would look at me. Going into a store, or anywhere public means people will look at me. It feels like torture sometimes. I try not to think about it. But it keeps me in my house sometimes.

I just cant handle the anxiety from being around people I don’t know. I’m always afraid people are going to stop and talk to me. I never know if the people are real or not. I don’t want to just be standing there talking to a hallucination. How embarrassing would that be. Plus I’m afraid I’ll get put in the hospital. It seems like every time I go out people stop and talk to me about their personal business like I know them and I don’t remember ever seeing them before. Its just weird. It doesn’t help that I dissociate so badly when I’m anxious and I cant remember most of what happens when I go out. Today I have to go to group and I’m already freaking out. Guess its time for Ativan.

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I get anxious when I am performing piano or keyboard for an audience of only one or two. Even for my piano instructor. I get nervous and make mistakes and can’t play at all. To combat performance anxiety, I take Inderal 10 mg, 90 minutes before performing and this takes away my anxiety. I found out today that Vistaril works just as well.

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Fear of making a fool of myself . Fear of negative reactions. Not knowing how to initiate conversations and socially interact with others.

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Do you think that the symptoms you mentioned above are from sz or from the antipsychotic medication?

same here dude
i suffer from those

Other than work I never go anywhere, last couple of times I tried, I just go sit in the corner and people watch, sit there thinking I just want to go home and why did I bother

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I’m not good with eye contact, groups larger than 2, and lack the motivation to meet anyone new for now