Share something positive

What is something that is going right in your life right now? Share it with others because we all need to hear positive stuff more often.

I’ll start: I just found out I’m on the list for a raise if the company gives them out this year.


I have no positive symptoms. I hope the wellbutrin will work. I am happy and can’t wait for my family to come back in a few days


I’m losing weight slowly but surely it seems :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve lost 22 pounds since beginning of November. It feels great. Need to lose at least 14 more pounds and I’ll be at pre-pregnancy weight!


Even tho I didn’t think moving into my own place would work it’s hasn’t been that bad. I’ve even had many good days this last month


As we speak I am waiting for my return flight home from my two week vacation by myself. It was the first time I went without friends or a girlfriend or parents before that. It went well. I convinced myself upfront that I might not be as busy of a tourist as people might expect, but that that was perfectly fine if I got to do some writing done. I have been very productive in that and also did quite some sightseeing after all. And had some good fun with a few locals. All in all very positive to me.


My microbiology class is going well. Our first exam is Saturday. This is the last class before clinical rotations.


The Pauls Valley Opry is having their final show before ending for good and I get to go with my boss, Kevin. and his wife Sally! they sit on the front row. sheesh. It will be like going to a country concert. They have duets between the founding wife and husband that sing and play with a full band. I’ve always been prodded by my neighbor who moved. but he wanted me to meet a picker that is an old man in the band to see if I could play for the opry…I turned him down…I wanted to meet the old man guitar picker, but now that the opry is not going to be anymore, I could pick maybe in person with the old country picker…he is an excellent picker…I 've watched videos of the opry with him playing…kind of nervous sitting in the front. but i will be so entertained I’m hoping once I’m there i would probably have a good time.

In two weeks , I will photo shoot my “spirits in the trees” painting and give them away starting in february. excited…this is a deeply important painting to me because it was my delusion. all trees had souls of people in them I thought.


I’ll share something else positive :sweat_smile:

I’m actually adulting and surviving living away from my parents…. Who would have thought


i get paid today :smiley:


I might be eligible for a good lump of money in February just before I get my first salary at my new job due to the rising costs in this country!!!

I’m calling them tomorrow to enquire about this.

Someone mentioned it at my support grp today.


I’m adjusting to the time Sam and I are left home by ourselves. I wasn’t really looking forward to it but I’ve manage to arrange enjoyable things on those days and now I do look forward to them.


I realized dispite having other problems I don’t get off making people feel bad about themselves

Dispite not having as much intelligence as some I try to do as much as I can with what I have

I realize some of the feelings I shame my self for are completely human and not me being someone who wrong or bad …

Bonus … Starting to realize I might have to stop caring what everyone thinks… Not all perspectives are equally beneficial lol


I got accepted to interview for a promotion

Have to do it that way but I am happy I was given a shot

Would mean I have more autonomy which is great


i got ssi last night :smiley: and it was a higher amount then i remembered. i was expecting the amount from last year, forgot they had raised it


Good news: I’ll have been at my company for ten years in July so I get a bonus this year. Bad news: I won’t receive it until December.

Just successfully completed 21 sessions of physical therapy.

Just figured out how to import a photo from my iPhone to my Mac and then upload the file so I uploaded a picture of my EBT card and now get discounted Prime Membership at $6.99 a month.


I feel positive reading y’all’s positive posts! Otherwise I’m doing good and that’s always a splendid thing:)


Walmart plus has a program for low income as well. It cuts the price in half. So I pay a little over $6 a month to get all my groceries with free delivery. I do the Amazon thing too.


I get paid for cleaning on Thursday. I’ll be able to buy a treadmill. I’m looking forward to getting more exercise.


Voices completely stopped it’s more than one month ,
Got a job ! From unlikely place.


I got discharged from the hospital today.