(Sexual topic) I need help with

Ok well here is my problem I seem to have weak orgasms (male) I am only taking abilify 10mg, I have tried going down to 5mg but that didnt work out and relapse and had no effect on my orgasm at the time I was at this dose… so is there anything I can take to increase the pleasure from my orgasms?

Reduce frequency of use?

If by that u mean jerk it less or have less sex, that doesn’t seem to do anything :[

Hmmmmm. Well. I’d talk to a doctor. That doesn’t seem like much abilify. @cactustomato were you on abilify when you made note of these issues? DId find a way to resolve them?

Tantric sex is the main one. Was some article in some men’s mag once. On how eggs whites are suppose to increase pleasure in the male organism. No idea if true but gives a few options to look into.

Do you smoke? Every time I quit I noticed my erections and libido improved a great deal. I was able to have a decent orgasm every day with a firm erection. In fact, some days I would have multiple orgasms with firm, full erections.

When I first starting taking abilify I didn’t smoke and didn’t notice any difference but now I do because im depressed because of this so I just don’t care, so no there wasn’t any difference.

It took a little over a week for the effects to kick in. I also combined it with heavy cardio.

My experience with abilify was horrible. In fact, I noticed I had less libido on abilify than I do on risperidone. Initially I notice when switching meds my libido goes up, but it is only temporary.

Try heavy cardio every day and quit the smoking. If that doesn’t fix it, it could be the abilify itself. The ■■■■ gave me PMS.

I take an IM injection of Abilify every four weeks. I haven’t noticed any valid problems with climax. In fact, I’m finding I can control my libido & urges much better. I have had problems with an over-active libido before, and at the moment I can climax 1-3 times per day if I choose to.

I am getting a lot of strange vibrations during dream states & nearing sleep states in my genital region, though. It also occurs sometimes on my hips & also my legs.

I’m finding out that diet has had the largest impact on my sexual strength. Diet means everything, I think. I eat lots of pasta, oats, breads, skim milk, vegetable juice, and grapes; dabble in chocolates when the brain asks for it.

What? What do you mean?

It’s been my personal experience that those things come and go in cycles. Maybe it will get better on its own in time.

I’ve never been on abilify. I was on latuda