Sexual orientation


Hi, I’m wondering which is your sexual orientation? I’m bi/pan.


Probably asexual…


I go for pawgs…lol phat ass white girls. I’m male


Somewhere between bisexual and asexual. Depending on my current med dosage.


I love my gal… I’m straight, but taken :slight_smile:


gay as fuckkkkk


I’m a straight male


Straight male…


Heterosexual man. Have any of u heard that song im a heterosexual man. Omg it is shitty song


I’m homosexual I’ve been with my partner for ten years. I’m female.


Currently oriented vertically. Hoping to get horizontal with Mrs. Pixel this weekend if we can convince the teen with good hearing to go out and visit some friends for a few hours.


Dude, that’s blasphemy.


Wow, @MrSquirrel! Just, wow.


I’m the same as @LED. I go between asexual and bisexual, depending on my stability level.


Shiatsu massage, it’s important and really helps with intimacy.



I’m female. I’ve had crushes on women and I think women are so much more beautiful as creatures than men. But when it comes to actually being in a relationship and physically intimate, I prefer men. I’m married to a man currently and plan to stay that way.


I identify as asexual.


I don’t really identity with any orientation - I would go out with anyone no matter what or who they are.

Maybe that’s why I am single for so long!


Straight male…


Straight as a iron bar :smile:


Straight male…