Sexual Dysfunction on geodon ? Prolactin issues?


Is sexual side effects common with geodon ? Anybody got decreased libido or gynecomastia from it ? I wanted to try geodon but I’m afraid if it might give me sexual side effects specially gynecomastia.

Geodon is not known to raise prolactin levels - no where near Risperdal.

If you are concerned with higher prolactin levels, then I would steer away from Risperdal.

I would discuss all medication matters with your psychiatrist

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I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for over ten years, and I’ve never had those problems. Like all anti-psychotics, these drugs weaken me physically - a lot. I’ve always had a resentment against these med’s because of that. I’ve never had any unpleasant sensations from these drugs. They’re easy for me to tolerate. I’m an aspiring writer, and when I’m on any typical anti-psychotic it totally destroys my ability to write. It kills my imagination. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel, and I’m very glad of that.


Geodon doesn’t do that prolactin ■■■■. I’ve been on it for years, very high dose, max dose have me erectile dysfunction but just below the max dose works pretty well, at least well enough to where I can appear normal when I need to. Which is surprisingly often.

The other meds are worse for sexual dysfunction. Zyprexa gave me serious erectile problems. Zyprexa is basically a shitty drug. It also causes rapid weight gain and diabetes.

Geodon is pretty dope but it will have you popping pills twice a day, it MUST be taken twice a day with a meal or it won’t work correctly. And it may cause akathisia.

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Anybody else have sexual side effects on geodon ?

hi there,i had never taken Geodon b4 but I am on antipsychotic Abilify.It affect my erection,i feel I am like 80% erected when I use it

Can u take all of the dose of geodon at bed time ? Will it still work ? Can’t take it in the morning cuz of sleepiness.

Just read that half life of geodon is 7 hrs.

Low testosterone+high prolactin+weight gain+the whole on major disorders related with relationship
= NO SEX = NOT very “normal” in our hyper-sexualized days.

My pdoc said that brain was the first sexual organ, even before genitals.