Sexual dysfunction among women with Schizophrenia-A cross sectional study from India

RESULTS:Among the 63 women assessed, 44 (70%) reported sexual dysfunction. Impaired desire was reported by all women, impaired arousal by 58 (92.1%), poor lubrication by 30 (47.6%), impaired orgasm by 48(76.2%) poor satisfaction by 44(69.8%) and pain by 23(36.5%). Poor Marital quality (‘p’ value-0.001), higher scores on general psychopathology of the Positive and Negative symptoms scale of schizophrenia (PANSS) (‘p’ value-0.049) and side effects such as weight gain, menstrual disturbances, galactorrohea and dry vagina were significantly associated with Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) in univariate analysis. However, multivariate analysis found marital quality alone to be significantly related to FS


The only time I have sexual dysfunction is when I’m on those meds :unamused: but I’m psychotic depression not sz so who knows

I wonder why they did this study? do they even care? maybe they are finally starting to listen to patients concerns regarding their quality of life and debilitating nature of these side effects