Factors associated with self-rated sexual function in Korean patients with schizophrenia receiving risperidone

The Message from this research is - if sexual side effects of medications are bothering you - Definitely Talk to Your Doctor about them! And share this research with them


This study aims to investigate the factors associated with sexual function in Korean patients with schizophrenia.


analysis revealed that being male and married had significant positive associations with sexual arousal, sexual satisfaction, and/or sexual desire, while the presence of tardive dyskinesia and a longer duration of illness were associated with poor sexual arousal and/or sexual desire. Additionally, sexual function was significantly associated with the SWN-K and DAI scores in multivariate analysis.


The acknowledgement and management of sexual dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia by clinicians may be important for improvement of their quality of life and adherence to medication.


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does that mean risperidone is bad for sexual health…

Conclusion: “Risperidone gives you a hard-OFF!”

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