Severe Schizophrenia Headache

Bugs me when I can’t function because my skills aren’t good enough to overcome my mental shortcomings (not always schizophrenia)…though the nay sayers are welcome to judge me for my inability, they always do whether they know it or not.

EDIT–I’ve got a lovely family that helps take care of me. I’m not poor because of my mental lapses. And, I am able to accomplish a great many things too…

Are you in therapy? A good place to start if you haven’t taken the plunge yet.

what is the difference between a normal headache and a sz headache ?
my demon siiting next to me wanted to know !!
take care


are you trying to say that having schiz is like a big headache?

Yes, I’m trying to say that it’s a physical headache that I get, if only it were the truth, and the only 1 at that…then I wouldn’t have to worry about the complications in other parts of life. The massive headache has gotten much better today though. I suppose it’s not really appropriate to classify it as a schizophrenia headache, just a really massive headache.

It’s where you wake up and say, “What have I got on the agenda today?” And the only response your brain can muster is, “A Lot,” then you don’t get anything done. So, a regular headache I guess. Normally more, less painful, stabbing pains and less monster truck vacuum.