Serotonin foods for anxiety, stress and insomnia?

So lately I’ve been thinking getting serotonin from foods might be a good thing because I have a lot of stress and insomnia from zyprexa messing up my mind, which also means the brain is most definitely not producing enough serotonin.

Now serotonin can’t cross the blood brain barrier, but the thing is that the brain is producing serotonin not only for the brain to use, but also for the body. So if the body doesen’t get enough serotonin this affects the brain and causes stress and other problems. So even though serotonin can’t cross bbb you should be able to stimulate the brain indirectly by providing serotonin for the body.

Not many foods contain serotonin to speak of, but some are:

Tomatoes, including ketchup and paste


Many 2nd gen APs are serotonin and dopamine antagonists that block receptors??

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Yes. I guess the question is does the AP’s also reduce serotonin production in itself. I haven’t researched that, but I would guess so, maybe not for all AP’s, but some. I feel zyprexa which is my drug causes a lot of stress after long term use. So trying out these serotonin foods seems like a good idea. I have only trialed it for a few days so far, but I believe that I have felt some relief already. Will see how it goes in the long run.

I have successfully quit onions and garlic for a month. Onions garlic can lower serotonin in some people. My mood is normal after quitting.

So I guess onions garlic were dampening my mood.

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