"Serenity now, insanity later"

This is my old best friends Twitter slogan. I feel it is a shot at me. What he doesn’t understand is holding resentments is a very unserene thing to do. And In aa were taught serenity. And he’s not a very enlightened individual. And I’m not insane, far from it. Plus he’s an active alcoholic the opposite of serenity. Oh well, it doesn’t matter. But he has a very poor understanding of spirituality. But like I said, oh well, but kinda annoying.

It might be a shot at you, it might not. If he’s an alcoholic, then maybe he’s been to AA himself and is talking about serenity from that perspective. In fact the more I think about it, it’s not a shot at you. But I agree it’s annoying.

I know somebody who over uses certain words around me, and I find it annoying.


hmmm, yeah too close to the Serenity Prayer, and/or mental conditions,

not sure if it means, if I go for peace, will it drive me crazy later?
I mean, not to judge your friend, it might be innocent,

especially if he was your good friend, and knows you’re not a raving lunatic.

Still, it makes me wonder too.

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This is a reference to a Seinfeld (90’s TV show) quote. I don’t remember much about the episode other than a character adopts the first part of the slogan (serenity now) and it becomes a problem for him later. I think it’s a dig at popular platitudes and how they don’t necessarily work for individual people.

‘Serenity now, insanity later’ is a quote off Seinfeld. Costanza’s father keeps saying ‘serenity now’ to calm himself down and family friend Lloyd Braun tells george that saying that all the time does more harm than good. ‘Serenity now insanity later’. It’s actually quite a funny episode if you’re a Seinfeld fan.


Hmm thanks @pogue and @mrnielsen

He could be using the quote to take a shot at me, or he could just be reciting it blindly without truly understanding the implications of it. You don’t know with this kid. He’s not stupid, but I never felt he was very “in touch” with things. I best not think too deeply about it.

The saying came from a Seinfeld episode it’s just a joke

I think it says somewhere in the twelve and twelve that “resentments are the number one offender”.