Sensing a presence

Does anyone else sometimes sense a presence in their flat/house ?

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I have a very frequent feeling of something watching me/being around in my house

Moved to unusual beliefs.

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Yes, especially at night.
A feeling like someone or something is around.

Last night i had a nightmare someone tried to break open my apartment. I have excessive inserted thoughts and images too :flushed:

That is the worst time for it for me.

I am not sure if it still applies, but it used to be a question in the schizotypal personality questionnaire under ‘unusual perceptual experiences’ page 3.

Have you ever had the
sense that some person or
force is around you, even
though you cannot see any-

I have quite a few Schizotypal traits I’m sure.

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I went over the SPQ a while back before I was on depot.

  1. Do you sometimes feel that things you see on the TV or read in the newspaper have a special meaning for you ? N

  2. I sometimes avoid going to places where there will be many people because I will get anxious. Y

  3. Have you had experiences with the supernatural ? N

  4. Have you often mistaken objects or shadows for people, or noises for voices ? Y

  5. Other people see me as slightly eccentric (odd).Y

  6. I have little interest in getting to know other people. Y

  7. People sometimes find it hard to understand what I am saying.Y

  8. People sometimes find me aloof and distant. N

  9. I am sure I am being talked about behind my back.N

  10. I am aware that people notice me when I go out for a meal or to see a film.Y

  11. I get very nervous when I have to make polite conversation. Y

  12. Do you believe in telepathy (mind-reading) N

  13. Have you ever had the sense that some person or force is around you, even though you cannot see anyone Y

  14. People sometimes comment on my unusual mannerisms and habits. Y

  15. I prefer to keep to myself. Y

  16. I sometimes jump quickly from one topic to another when speaking. N

  17. I am poor at expressing my true feelings by the way I talk and look. N

  18. Do you often feel that other people have got it in for you Y

  19. Do some people drop hints about you or say things with a double meaning N

  20. Do you ever get nervous when someone is walking behind you Y

  21. Are you sometimes sure that other people can tell what you are thinking N

  22. When you look at a person, or yourself in a mirror, have you ever seen the face change right before your eyes N

  23. Sometimes other people think that I am a little strange.Y

  24. I am mostly quiet when with other people.Y

  25. I sometimes forget what I am trying to say.Y

  26. I rarely laugh and smile. Y

  27. Do you sometimes get concerned that friends or co-workers are not really loyal or trustworthy Y

  28. Have you ever noticed a common event or object that seemed to be a special sign for you N

  29. I get anxious when meeting people for the first time.Y

  30. Do you believe in clairvoyancy (psychic forces, fortune telling) N

  31. I often hear a voice speaking my thoughts aloud. N

  32. Some people think that I am a very bizarre person. ?

  33. I find it hard to be emotionally close to other people. Y

  34. I often ramble on too much when speaking.Y

  35. My “non-verbal” communication (smiling and nodding during a Y N conversation) is poor. Y

  36. I feel I have to be on my guard even with friends. N

  37. Do you sometimes see special meanings in advertisements, shop windows, or in the way things are arranged around you Y N

  38. Do you often feel nervous when you are in a group of unfamiliar people Y

  39. Can other people feel your feelings when they are not there N

  40. Have you ever seen things invisible to other people N

  41. Do you feel that there is no-one you are really close to outside of your immediate family, Y

or people you can confide in or talk to about personal problems ?

  1. Some people find me a bit vague and elusive during a conversation. N

  2. I am poor at returning social courtesies and gestures. N

  3. Do you often pick up hidden threats or put-downs from what people say or do Y

  4. When shopping do you get the feeling that other people are taking notice of you Y

  5. I feel very uncomfortable in social situations involving unfamiliar people.Y

  6. Have you had experiences with astrology, seeing the future, UFOs, ESP or a sixth sense N

  7. Do everyday things seem unusually large or small N

  8. Writing letters to friends is more trouble than it is worth. N

  9. I sometimes use words in unusual ways. N

  10. I tend to avoid eye contact when conversing with others. ?

  11. Have you found that it is best not to let other people know too much about you Y

  12. When you see people talking to each other, do you often wonder if they are talking about you Y

  13. I would feel very anxious if I had to give a speech in front of a large group of people.Y

  14. Have you ever felt that you are communicating with another person telepathically (by mind-reading) N

  15. Does your sense of smell sometimes become unusually strong Y

  16. I tend to keep in the background on social occasions.Y

  17. Do you tend to wander off the topic when having a conversation. N

  18. I often feel that others have it in for me.Y

  19. Do you sometimes feel that other people are watching you N

  20. Do you ever suddenly feel distracted by distant sounds that you are not normally aware of Y

  21. I attach little importance to having close friends. Y

  22. Do you sometimes feel that people are talking about you Y

  23. Are your thoughts sometimes so strong that you can almost hear them Y

  24. Do you often have to keep an eye out to stop people from taking advantage of you N

  25. Do you feel that you are unable to get “close” to people Y

  26. I am an odd, unusual person.Y

  27. I do not have an expressive and lively way of speaking. N

  28. I find it hard to communicate clearly what I want to say to people. N

  29. I have some eccentric (odd) habits.Y

  30. I feel very uneasy talking to people I do not know well.Y

  31. People occasionally comment that my conversation is confusing.Y

  32. I tend to keep my feelings to myself.Y

  33. People sometimes stare at me because of my odd appearance. ?


Yes that’s what I’ve been having trouble with the past few nights, feel there is a spirit in my room. So far it’s just been chilling and not causing problems and I can deal with that. I prefer the ones that just want to be left to their own devices. Hopefully this doesn’t change.

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After my son died and for a couple of weeks after that, I felt the presence of my son in my house. I even saw him a couple of times. I heard him leave the house too when he opened the front door to leave for the last time. His presence made me feel good. I was sad when he left the house. I knew he was gone for good. My pdoc told me that this is a very common experience after the death of a loved one.



There’s always this presence in my living room. It wants Friskies.


I felt the presence of my Grandmother after she died.
She was living with us at the time.

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maybe when I was too young, made shadows look like ghosts and such. Do not remember at all at any point, sensing a presence.

No but I dream about dead people a lot in the spirit world.

I thought the presence left and I think I helped some of them but there is still a presence in my bedroom. It must not be harmful but it’s been there for years…in other houses I lived in too.

After my older grandma died, in 1999, I went to great lengths to get in contact with her spirit. (I was 15 at the time and prone to supernatural thinking). Sadly (or maybe not) my attempts failed. I guess I couldn’t tune in to the “higher frequencies” :blush:

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Can be indicitive of Ocd like behavoir especially if it’s happening every night! Brain gets caught in a loop and you endlessly processing the same fears/thoughts. Chat to your shrink!

Yeah I’m schitzo. I had seemed to forget. :expressionless:

When I’m alone at home at night I feel that there is a killer hidden behind every door. :worried: