Self portrait in my studio

i am starting to feel that i am going to make an exhibition, i am working on some project, but also i think i can do good work enough for let it out


It’s good! I like it.

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Excellent! I never cease to be amazed of the artists on this forum. I’m a terrible artist.


Love it 9999999999

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Beautiful !!!

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thanks a lot lol, love all the 999999999 )))

thank you, i answer so late because i forgot to look on the forum…i am forgetting a lot of stuff lately

Very good job, ola :smiley: ! You have a talent :slight_smile: . I like the grey etc…

thank you, sorry it will be horrible to say, but it is good for me that not every one are good artists, i mean i am bad at many stuff, like a lot and i am shore that some ma thematic or musition are glad that the world is a different for every one, and increases my chances.
is that horrible?

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