Self disorder, ipseity disturbance



Shortcut to enlightenment


You should read the book “the Dharma bums”


Kerouac has some sort or schizofrenic disorder


I had read “on the road” by Kerouac.


I think this actually highlights how traditional views of enlightenment are flawed. Losing your basic self is not enlightenment, it is a disturbance. The ego is necessary for good health and functioning.


I’m not sure. Ego creates limits. Like a drop of water with ego and limits, whereas it’s one with the whole ocean. Loss of ego means finding Self


In On the road you can also see his psychotic self into writing and into his actions. If I remember correctly at one point he loses touch with reality.


And I have read Mexico City Blues. I never thought of him as schizophrenic


I’m surprize you didn’t read the Dharma bums. It seems more into your taste


Yes I know. I can’t have read all books. I was more into Ginsberg.


The basic self makes our conscious experiences ordered and understandable. It is different from the way we usually talk about “the self”. It is the intuitive understanding of the relationship between the world, our senses and our selves. When the basic self is lacking, the result is confusion and distress. Your thoughts can seem like other people’s thoughts, your body can seem like it’s being controlled by others or isn’t really your body, your sensations can seem like they are telepathically transmitted from people you see around you, etc… none of this is good. They’re all psychotic experiences. They’re suffering and confusion. It is not about transcending the self, but about confusing the self with the world around you. The self is still there, you’ve just misplaced it.


Yes, I see. I have many of these experiences.


Thank you for saying this, I’ve been trying to express this to some friends but haven’t been able to find the words. They view the ego and the self as a horrible thing which we should ultimately try and rid ourselves of; ego death. I don’t think this is so, I think not having self is a very terrifying state of mind and is not closer to enlightenment. Not being able to know when you wake up how things were yesterday and seeing everything as though it is new and you are someone else is confusing. Thoughts coming about from seemingly different sources makes it tough to know which one is you and which isn’t, or you think they’re all not you and you don’t exist at all. I think people need to feel a stronger sense of self not try and destroy it! Do you mind if I use some of your words to help me explain this to someone?


Go ahead! :slight_smile:


Thank you, I don’t want them to know that Ive had this problem but I want them to know that they don’t want it


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