Seems like my doctor is disappointed

I know that the medical field is a huge business and doctors profit on us being sick but it seemed that my bariatric doctor seemed a little disappointed on my very good blood test results.

She flat out asked me if I ever had diabetes when noticing my more than normal A1C level of 5.3

I told her yes that I was diagnosed with diabetes in the early 2000s

I asked her if I currently have diabetes or even prediabetes and she said no but because my fasting blood sugar levels were a tad bit high - 114 that I suffered with something called impaired glucose control

This made me laugh when she said that I suffered from a form of prediabetes prediabetes

She was searching in the wind


I would just be happy about not having diabetes anymore.

She can go cry on a bag of money or something like @Charles_Foster would say.


My general doc says i have to check in every 6 months or i could get released. Besides that they always tell me im healthy and strong as an ox :smile:


My doc tells me I’m Fat and Lazy as a cow.

I really should switch doctors…


I would deserve hearing this! Especially from a MD.

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You must be joking!

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@Wave Are you currently on any medications to treat diabetes?

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This means you are insulin resistant. You improved your a1c but you are always in danger of being permanently diabetic. You will have to be continuously vigilant about keeping your a1c down and watching your weight and keeping to a strict diet. I think this is what your doctor is concerned about. :woman_shrugging:t2:


yes, im joking. lol

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Same! Actually cows have a ton of muscle and walk around grazing :stuck_out_tongue: im more like a giant pig :boar::pig2::pig::pig_nose:


Or see a vet, lol?


Yes I’m on 2 different diabetic medications @Moonbeam

Mounjaro and Metformin

Why do you ask?

Yes I realize this @sweetpotatopie
Ive been watching my diet and I’ve been moving more.

I’ve also managed to lose a good amount of weight

These are all contributing factors for my normal A1C levels

I have found most of the docs like that-- very money-minded. I am not surprised at all by what happened to you.

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Yes, thanks @angledangle

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I asked because I was surprised that your bariatric dr would say you dont have diabetes or prediabetes because of your normal A1C level of 5.3. If you’re taking diabetes meds and they reduce your A1C down to the normal range, that’s fantastic. However, that doesnt mean you don’t have diabetes; rather, it means your diabetes meds are working well for you.


Yes this is true.
The meds are working and my low carb diet and exercise is helping as well.

Thanks @Moonbeam

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Back in the day they didn’t have all of this modern things . My great grandma had diabetes in the 80s
She pretty much died from it.

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I actually had a psychiatrist and therapist that said I was faking for attention and that I was “creating imaginary friends” to cope with stress they clearly were quacks no other way to put it there always will be idiots in every profession