Scotland to become first country in world to provide free period products —

Is crazy to think scotland is the first country to put this into law. From my ill informed position I assumed this would already be in place


Well, it’s debatable if it should be free, but I don’t mind.


That’s only from someone that never went without and had to wad up cloth or toilet paper to catch the blood. The stuff we can’t choose to have happen every month.


I am actually okay with this (I don’t think there should be a tax on being female), but there are problems that affect all of society that need their attention, too.

Just sayin’.


Yes, it’s a good point. It’s probably very unpleasant to not have access to it, but I’m just saying most people are working and can afford to buy stuff. If they couldn’t afford it, that is another matter. Just like homeless people get free food and shelter, people who can’t afford period products should get them for free, but free for everyone, no matter what economy you have? I’m just questioning that.

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I believe it would be basic products for free. There’s different levels of quality and I seriously doubt the better stuff will be free.

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I don’t ask to have a period every month, I didn’t ask for this so why should I pay for it?? It is forced upon me because of the way I was born, don’t get me wrong I like being female but I didn’t ask to bleed every month, I didn’t tell my body to bleed it just does it, it should be a human right to at least get basic feminine products for free, I also think stores and schools should have to offer free feminine product dispensers it’d make things easier for a lot of people especially students, I remember having to ask teachers for a pad during high school because I’d run out and it was so embarrassing and with my ADHD I would often forget to restock my bag.

Yes. I understand the argument. But then you could also say none of us asked for being hungry and the need for food. Or as a man I didn’t ask for facial hair that never stops to grow. Or live in a cold country and need warm clothes. There are lots of things we need from birth, both women and men.

But I get it. If I was a woman I would probably take the same stand you do. But as a man, with nothing at stake(except paying taxes), I have the luxury of asking some questions.

I don’t have strong feelings about this though. Just a friendly debate.

There are food banks that don’t ask how much you make in the US the food isn’t good but it’s there

It’s more acceptable for men to have facial hair then it is for women to let ourselves bleed on ourselves without a pad or sticking a tampon up my cooch

Everyone has the right to move and once again there are clothing banks in the US that don’t ask how much you make they aren’t great but they work

I’m not mad I’m just saying it’s not right honestly I find this fun!

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