School, Work, Disability Poll

  • I rely on family for support
  • I rely on family for support and go to school
  • I am only on disability
  • I am on disability but also have a job-
  • I am on disability but am going to school
  • I work part time
  • I work full time

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Wanted to see what the diversity and metrics are amongst us. Please feel free to take the poll.

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I am on disability…i rely on family for support…:alien:
Both financially and emotionally…:alien:

I draw a pension and have social security retirement benefits.

I rely on family but if I could find full time work?

Id be on it.

Long term on disability. Independent with variable functioning.

Wow. I’m very surprised to see how few work full time.

I’m only able to work Part Time right now, but the job pays well. I make almost 30k per year working 20 hours per week. I’m one of the lucky ones I suppose.


Kinda of shocking to see that only 12% out of 31 work here but not surprising. The numbers overall are not much better.

So far the poll results reveal that 10% of people have jobs, however in a book i read on schizophrenia it said that 1/4 or 25% of people with schizophrenia have a part-time or a full-time job.

I calculate 17% having a job, which jumps to 38% if you consider going to school to be working (which I do.)

I worked full time, independent for every area.