Schizophreniers should eat drug all lifetime,Is it true?

I have schizophrenia,should I have to eat drug all my lifetime?

what does that mean? if you mean taking drugs to help maintain your sanity, yes. Most sz can not function without drugs. I personally will take meds all my life. sorry! :broken_heart:

I will be staying on my meds… most likely all my life…

I’ve accepted this when my Dad had a heart attack and has to be on blood thinners for the rest of his life…

Diabetic has to use insulin for the rest of their life…

It’s not just Sz… there are a lot of meds that keep us alive. I figure now…

If it’s not antipsychotics… it would be something else.

New meds and therapies are coming out all the time… who knows what the future will bring…

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Yes, i’ll be taking meds all my life.

Does take meds all lifetime affect your brain function ,or slowly changing study ,work ability。

not really. sometimes the meds I take affect my appetite and motivation and emotions but it has never affected my abilities. I went to university, worked full time and exercised everyday. You just need to find the right med for you. They have a lot of side effects.

My pdoc thinks that I need to be on an Antipsychotic - I have to trust her judgement.

I almost want to try to go without an Antipsychotic aboard, but am afraid of the possible consequences :confused:

which med do you take?please tell me the name,nice to meet you.

You sound familure , its a kind of bate sounding thread. Are you serious? :slight_smile:

They say that the loss in grey matter is due to psychotic episodes rather than the antipsychotics. I’m slowly getting better part of this is I’m now tolerant to my meds and although I can sleep 12-14 hrs if left unchecked I’m more alert and less sleepy during the day and I’m thinking faster now!

I found I couldn’t continue my studying my degree after becoming unwell, before I went on the drugs and I when tried to complete the year on them!

As for work ability, I volunteer 3x per week and I’m looking for a part time job, and my CV and telephone interviews are enough to get me 4 interviews in the last couple of months.


It’s best to talk to your doctor about medications. These meds work differently on everyone. It might give you different side effects. I took Geodon (zeldox in canada) for 1.5 years, it gave me a lot of side effects and now it’s been 2 months I’m on Latuda. I also took Abilify for 2 years but I gained a lot of weight.

You could also try Sarcosine supplement

Hi - and welcome to the forums!

It depends how well you are doing, and you have to work with your doctor on this. Generally they find that people do the best if they take as low as possible a dose of medication - but its obviously very hard to know what is the lowest level of medication that you can take.

Generally, the lower the levels of medication, the fewer the side effects.

How are your side effects?

How long have you been taking medication?

The doctors want to make sure that you don’t relapse again and become psychotic - which can hurt your brain further and also cause you a lot of problems (many people become homeless when they are psychotic).

So the doctors try to balance things - too much medication and you feel heavily drugged, or have bad side effects, too little drugs and you could relapse and become psychotic and harm your life. So just work with your doctor, and come here for daily support.

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Because sz has a substantial genetic (and epigenetic; see component, the brain of those with sz is most likely so different from those who do not have sz (especially in the limbic system; see that they will have to take dopamine-blocking medications for life. That said, there are a lot of (mostly psychotherapeutic; see below) things a sz pt can do to reduce the dosage, and as a result, the side effects.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

10 StEP –


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I’ve learned to accept my fate, but I don’t take pills, I take injections. My mind better adapt & overcome because all it has ever done to me is rob me of my vitality.

Have been on medication for a long time and might need to be even longer. Better to be on meds than be ill, being anxious or psychotic. Hopefully there will be a day when my meds. become reduced and maybe i will not to be on any.

As most of us are going to be on meds all our lives I wish they could be made like a Ferrero Rocha. But they might think we’ll O.D.


I had to google this to figure out what it was (not being a big chocolate eater… :smile:

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Hah that’s a fun idea.

You can only eat one now… You can have another tomorrow.

Would be tempting for sure.

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