Schizophrenia paranoia symptoms

I think its smart but my parents dont agree. Well our laundry blinds were bad, so I made my own curtain out of a sheet, measured and cut and sewn around edges to prevent fraying. Tied up above and tied gathered together with a quick release knot with a shoelace. It is about immedicacy and being able to do cleaning in laundry sink without people watching.

Also my parents are angry because I made another creation, a faux blanket cut to shape and tacked onto toilet seat with double sided tape. It is for noise supression when using the toilet. I really did these things and i stand by them. It makes things better, although popular opinion would frown on it.



You’d think your parents would appreciate your creativeness and ingenuity!

Some folks are just set in their ways, though…and don’t like change of any sort around the house.

Welcome to the forum! :sunny:


Yes, you are most welcome here. Welcome to!

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Been a day going into the city mainly stuff for my toilet seat noise suppression system, everything considered even the lid noise etc. I’ll post a pic if you guys want to see some time. Well my checkers game, ok i see there is still not ‘100’ reliability in clicking. Trust me i can do it you wont be disappointed its a balance between real life and the checkerboard. I’ll do some more tomorrow i feel i’ll be a lot more relaxed now i can use my parents toilet in more peace.


Sure if you are serious we’d like to see your creation

I would love to see a pic of your “toilet seat noise suppression system”. Sounds quite interesting.


Than kyou you wont be dissapointed :slightly_smiling_face:


i like to see it too =3
really curious about it

Guys its basically sorted, our toilet is dirty but i’ll have some pics for you some time :wink: Its insane i’ve been crawling through the streets of Atlantis today as usual but for nothing with many stores closed , but maybe it was gods plan for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Well here you go. The system is as follows. When pissing or sh*****g you do it, then cover it with the cover and flush, then put the cover back up at the top. This eliminates noise from the toilet seat hinge movement. The faux blanket doubled up and tacked on with double sided tape creates a airtight seal, blocking noise greatly, and finally the washer on the rail attached with elastic is used to position at your crouch to block the opening

At the beginning you take a bunch of paper from the top roll and put it in the water eliminating noise from that. You have two rolls essentially.

Also I was worried about my chips i own, the anonymity, but I realized the proxifier machine can resolve them, giving anonymity.




Doh schizophrenia moment :relaxed: after cleaning the toilet forgot to remove covering off double sided tape, therefore it was not stuck down it fell in toilet. But i let it dry. I’ll stick it back later also finally our tiles are so done in one corner, that i will ring today it was like it when i moved back in my parents but now it needs fixing straight away it was only matter of time

On a positive note i ran all night my checker simulation its working

As far as PC i confirmed is was the disc cleaning. So i am keeping all system cleaning deselected to be safe, some of it such as thumbnail cleaning etc causes thet issue.

I just used the system a while ago. Well it worked perfectly, i gather the toilet paper in the kitchen then i can just steathilly walk into the bathroom. Finally I can ■■■■ in peace. Aside from public toilets but thats OK they don’t live around me although i want to avoid train workers cause i see them too much, had to ■■■■ near one yesterday.

Sounds like paranoia you are right. If youve got it under control then its ok. The fact is probably if your neighbours notice things they may talk about it or ‘use it against you’ in a sense, so you are best just to use stealth. That is jus t my opinion


I will post a picture after a few days use

Oh come on no one else heer appreciate my toilet design ? I thought the great minds here would :slightly_smiling_face:

Look ive updated this stuff ill post more photos. Cut out another seat. I truly believe in the phrase ‘protect yourself or they’ll destroy you’. Thats how it is with vermin neighbors.

It’s no wonder your parents aren’t thrilled with you.

That blue felt ring around the toilet seat will be a magnet for errant pee!