Schizophrenia misrepresented on the internet( described as too mild)

In the past I read the Wikipedia article on schizophrenia and it misrepresents the disease- describes it as too mild.
I will tell you why.
It says, based on IQ test, that the disease typically causes cognitive impairment of 1-2 standard deviations
across all domains.
Well in my opinion that’s wrong!!
Why- because those schizophrenics who take the IQ test are the mildest cases of schizophrenia!!
For example, I , if I just had impairment of 1-2 SD I would still have above average intelligence.
In reality I can’t complete an IQ test.
There are a lot of schizophrenics that can barely speak, hardly IQ test material.
What I am saying is that the article misrepresents schizophrenia, especially many of the more severe cases,
and that in many cases the impairment in cognition is much more profound than 1-2 standard deviations.


Where does it say that? I can’t find it.

you type better than most people…and im assuming its in your second language…thats pretty dam good… some would say you have it better than they… also if the average impairment is 15-30 points… that would take into account a large cross section… if we only showed the worst of the worst this would not be a good representation of the whole picture… in fact if we only showed the worst of the worst the world would think we were all cannibals…

@anon9798425 fixed it lol


The tests are made to measure even very low IQs. They can also be adapted to people who are unable to speak. And there are short forms for those who struggle with their concentration. If there are many cases that are so severe that IQ testing is out of the question, I’m sure many professionals and scientists are aware of this as well as the low measured IQs.

One to two standard deviations is 15-30 points. It’s a bit confusing, but it’s done this way to make comparisons easier. :slight_smile:


“The area under the curve between scores corresponds to the % in the population between those score. The scores on this IQ bell curve are color-coded in standard deviation units. A standard deviation is a measure of the spread of the distribution – the bigger the standard deviation, the more spread out the scores in the population. 15 points is one standard deviation for most IQ tests. Nearly 70% of the population score between 85 and 115 – i.e. plus and minus one standard deviation. A very small percentage of the population (about 0.1% or 1 in 1000) have scores less than 55 or greater than 145 – that is, more than 3 standard deviations out!”

Excerpt from:

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I think most people who lose their ability to speak in schizophrenia eventually regain it.

I’m also skeptical of the recovery statistics, but it’s a question of definition. If “haven’t been in the hospital in 2 years” is recovered, then yeah, a lot of people “recover” but that isn’t much of a recovery standard to me.

Also remember that some people with schizophrenia also already had other problems, learning disabilities etc prior to the onset of sz, and those issues are more common in people with sz.

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@Erez_Shmerling. I don’t think you are as cognitively impaired as you think you are. Much of it could be social anxiety and depression.
You seem to articulate well when you write at least.
Just sayin


I really don’t believe in “mild” schizophrenia. I have heard a few people on here in 7 years who claim their case is mild. But I just don’t see how anyone can call their case mild.

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I agree with u sir

1-2 SD is 15/16- 30/32 IQ points . If you had a general impairment of 1-2 SD you most definitely wouldn’t be of above average intelligence.
If you are talking about someone with specific areas resulting in an impairment of 1-2 SD which was compensated by being several SD above average in other areas,then of course that person might be of above average intelligence.

I am a case in point . I am of above average intelligence. My ‘borderline’ (visuo)spatial ability is compensated for by my superior/very superior verbal ability.

Usually a significant discrepancy in performance between verbal and nonverbal is indicative of a what Americans call a learning disability as opposed to intellectual disability.

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The standard deviation of the Stanford Binet has been changed from 16 points to 15 points, to make it more comparable to other tests (mainly the Wechsler tests). Since these two tests are, in a whole range of ways, far superior to other tests, and not restricted to only a few purposes (like educational intelligence tests), they are the preferred tests for most research. Therefore, unless you’re talking about older research or research that for some reason used a less robust IQ test, the standard deviation should be 15 points. :relaxed:

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Can i do somewhere an legit iq test for free?

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Thanks for correcting me. Although I am not sure a SD of 15 vs 16 makes a whole heap of difference to what I was saying. A lot of IQ sites still use Stanford Binet SD 16 hence my comment.
To confuse matters further Cattell uses a SD of 24.

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No, I don’t think it makes any difference at all to what you said. I just like talking about tests. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Cattell is probably the most popular IQ test after the Wechsler and the SB, and the Wechsler and SB are, at least partly, based on the Cattell-Horn-Carroll model of intelligence. But I don’t think the Cattell test is very popular in research today.

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I just took the stanford binet test… at the end of the test they want to charge me €19.94 in order to display the results. I am not willing to pay. I hope they will at least email me the IQ score, without additional details…


My parents are very very smart compared to general population.
I am definitely not exaggerating how dare you!!
I hate when people write rubbish.
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You should listen to the Broadway soundtrack of the musical Halmilton. It might help you, because Aron Burr had intelligent parents and it shaped his life in a certain way. It might help you understand yourself better.

Thx to nami this is the politically correct picture

This kind of reminds me of the idea that apparently weight gain effects of AP’s are underestimated because people with the worst weight gain drop out of the study because they can’t tolerate it. (weight gain)