Schizophrenia Linked to Pregnancy Complications, Study Suggests Rates of preterm births, C-sections and ICU treatment higher for mothers with the mental illness

Women with schizophrenia are at increased risk for serious problems during pregnancy and childbirth, according to a new study.

Canadian researchers analyzed data on births in the province of Ontario from 2002 to 2011 and found that preeclampsia, preterm birth and other serious pregnancy and delivery complications were twice as likely to occur in women with schizophrenia than in those without the mental health disorder.

Women with schizophrenia were more likely to develop placental abruption (in which placenta separates from the uterus) and septic shock, to undergo induced labor and cesarean section, to be transferred to an intensive care unit, and to be readmitted to the hospital after discharge.

“Traditionally, women with schizophrenia have had low fertility rates, and little attention was paid to their reproductive health,” study author Dr. Simon Vigod, a psychiatrist at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, said in a hospital news release. “But recently, with fertility rates on the rise among these women, we must now turn our attention to ensuring their reproductive health and that of their babies.”

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is there any way to find out whether somebody is going to become schizophrneiac example if a mother has preeclampsia it will increase chances of babay becoming schizophreniac i dont know i read some where
that mothers who have preeclampsia or at least child getting fits is sign for getting schizophrenia later

I haerda about obsteric(pregnancy( complications casuing schizophernia but does that hold good for families which have genetically some schizophernia

Apparently, having the flu during pregnancy can increase your child’s odds of developing schizophrenia

But the odds of your child developing schizophrenia can be reduced if you take choline while you’re pregnant

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Also, once your child is born, you can reduce the risk of them delevoping schizophrenia by giving them fish oil supplements every day

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Hi - there are many factors that influence the risk of schizophrenia - starting with prenatal care (good vitamins, good rest, low stress pregnancy, avoid getting the flu, good pediatricians and good doctors giving birth to minimize complications, etc.) but also after birth - again, good nutrition, a warm loving environment for the children (avoiding high stress like conflict/yelling in the house, abuse, neglect, etc.).

You can read the full list here:

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No - you can never tell in advance with 100% probability. All you can do is create as loving, warm, positive environment (low stress, good nutrition, safe, etc.) environment for the children to grow up in.

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well here is another indicator that i found on the net it is called nervonic acid and appears to be omega 9

this is the important part
Patients with multiple sclerosis have decreased levels of nervonic acid in the brain. An impairment in the provision of nervonic acid in demyelinating diseases (like multiple sclerosis) suggest that a diet rich in very long chain monenoic acid fatty acids, nervonic acid is one of them, may be beneficial.[7]

It is also used as a biomarker to predict who will suffer some psychoses. For instance, there is evidence of abnormal levels of fatty acids in individuals with schizophrenia. In particular, decreased levels of 24:1 are related with prodomal psychosis symptoms so it can be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of this kind of disorders.[8

here is the complete link

yeah - I can not have kids. Which is why I am always wondering what to do with my life.

I read somewhere (I think in wiki) that sarcosine is also used for prevention

i read somewhere i think aslo somewhere in this website that pomegranate juice also is good at pregnancy