Schizophrenia and job

Hello I am wondering is there anybody there who suffers schizophrenia and work. How do u manage movement side effects extra pyramidal symptoms. Tremor, hands shaking. When I go out with some friends I cant stand the shaking of the hands. Antiholinergic makes job worsen. Help answer me please Is this because of that I m more nervous and can’t stand it.

Schizophrenia IS my job, and man!!! I put in work.


Do ur hands shake because of the antipsychotic

I take .5mg haldol and klonopin .5mg three times a day. I’m not shaky. I work 29hrs a week at a gas station.

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Haldol by the way I heard is older antipsychotic with more eps I admire ur strenghts

I take such a low dose that I don’t really get the eps. What are you taking?

I dont know but mine is small doze too 60 mg I know that klonopin is antikonvulsant.When I took klonopin i was tembling so much but they stopped the anticonvulsant and I am mc better. When I took anticonvulsant I lost my hair. Now I am fine my hair is grown again. I have schizoaffective by the way. I am so ashamed that I m ill that I cadidate for cleaner of offices but I have majestry degree in university. I am taking herbs because I ll have an interwuie soon and I am afrad I will tremble

I think now the problem is in me

what is clonopin antiholinergic or what i took before anticonvulsant named depakin depakote. I read this in internet and I open my mouth excuse me

aa i read whats it but it leads to addiction how do u drink it so often every day or what

Thank u i will try it and if possible to hear more people write to me please I wonna hear you.

My cousin has essential tremor. DR put him on beta blocker and it’s better…

I drive around ■■■■■■■ pizza all day, it’s really hard and probably super unsafe. I’m worried i’m going to crash, I’m mostly visual.

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Mister Waffles is it hard because of extra pyramidal symptoms or because u experience psychosis beside the antipsychotic :slight_smile:

Stillperkin I asked for beta blokers but my heart veat and pulse is low and doctor dont let me use beta blockers

:slight_smile: exuse me for the unnecessary smiles but I like to smile

I always had a full time job. My hands don’t shake. have you asked your doc about this? did your hands shake before or after you started the antipsychotic? I had a colleague like that once, nobody cares if your hands shake if you can focus and do your job well.

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No my hands never shake like this. I asked my doctor thousand times. He cant help. I can’t stand it because my whole body is stiff or sniff i dont know the word it is like a concrete. And also I have panic attacks that makes the situation worsen and now at that moment I have and other problem I lost nine 9 kilograms because of Zeldox, I am about to become anorexic because of the drugs. I am ver depressed.

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Basically everyone who has SZ in the U.S. qualifies for SSi or SSDi. You should be guaranteed income if you have to deal with such a debilitating illness.

If I was forced back into work, I probably could manage, but I’d be so low-functioning & hectic and I’d only agree to part-time work.

I’ve learned to live off of less than $12,000/year, so my survival skills are intact otherwise when it comes to my economic situation.

i am a plasterer by trade, i have worked on and off since the age of 13, i did all the work in my house, new flooring, plastered walls, hung new doors, i can do most construction jobs.