When I was in school studying sociology I came across Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia. This is a possible subject of interest for szs who study at college and university. For me I disagreed with a few of the fundamental points of the book and instead view an individual ethos that rejects collectivity and action as being the goal, so I am not anti-oedipal as the book encourages. I also live with my mom and dad and am ‘chemically castrated’ by aps. I do agree with the basic point that people are controlled by anxieties from the exercise of power in society. It is a complex book so I wont even try to compress its content into a post on this site. I do find the book interesting to read as it is smattered with sz related qualities that is worth skimming through just to see how this symptom is connected to that thing in capitalism in the schizoanalytic view.


Sounds like a really interesting niche book.


Tried Wikipedia-ing this and don’t understand a thing about it. How capitalism works with SZ. Just over my head.

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It’s not an easy book to understand. I understand it to an extent, but not a large extent, but felt I was fighting an oedipal system when i was psychotic. And now that im on meds anxiety gets me up for work on time everyday. If you can keep in mind that capitalism and sz have similarities but are opposed maybe you can get an idea about what the book is about.

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