Schizoaffective disorder bipolar subtype: How do you achieve the elusive 'stability?' Do you have to suffer to attain it?

After my most recent shenanigans was deduced to be my first manic episode, schizoaffective bipolar is my shiny new diagnosis. I’m at a loss here. I give up. This is the worst mental state been in because at least when I was absolutely out of my mind, I still felt euphoric. I’m starting to think that the reason I’m not stable is because I don’t want it bad enough because I secretly hate myself and make self-destructive decisions to sabotage any stability I have left.

At least, mentally, I’m actually very sound right now. But my point is, it never lasts long enough. People who have achieved long-term stability, how did you do it? What is the big secret? Because right now, the people in my life, are getting sick of HulGil’s antics…


For you, I think you’re finally on the right track. You’re getting injections which sorts out your med compliance issues. Stability could just be around the corner.

For me when I got my med situation sorted out, it took a short while to get stable, then about 2 years before I actually said to myself “I really am stable”. But like I said, doctors said I was stable after a short while.

There’s no big secret, it’s just the right med regime.

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Wait a little while, stability for me only came a year and a half after my break. So it can take a while, it can be close too. We don’t know, everyone is different.

Try to breath deeply, when you’re feeling euphoric think about the bad things in the world, that usually calms me down, and the opposite when you’re feeling depressive, think about happy things, daydream a bit. Its hard, the mind tends to go the way it wants but we can steer if we don’t succumb to the desperation of wanting to control it.

And @everhopeful is right, it’s the meds that help most of all.

Maybe @Wave has some tips too.


Im often regarded as high functioning and stable among most of my peers. I still sleep 12 or so hours so i am not up to total mental health. Im also often oversensitive and confused by others faults

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